Democrats DEFY Science And World Health Organization And INCREASE COVID Lockdown, Pure HYPOCRISY


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  1. Mae [MHTARDIS21] says

    "that's what we have law enforcement for…"Yeah. But a bunch of the higher ups are corrupt or weak, and won't do anything about corrupt politicians and related stuff.They shouldn't do it, but if the people we ask to protect us don't, are we just supposed to sit there and let the bad ones take over?I don't want people to have to take the law into their own hands, but when they have been abandoned by those who are supposed to protect, what are they supposed to do?

  2. The Lone Rider says

    For some in gov't this was never about managing an illness… What's worse is how many citizens are brain dead. The other day I asked simply, how many of these new "cases" are actually cases, or just positive test results without any illness or infectiousness? The response I got was enlightening, someone told me, "Why are you so afraid of helping us stop this and save lives people like you are the reason we can't solve it." In other words some people (far too many) can't even understand thinking or asking questions…

  3. citizen X says

    Anyone think they spraying a little more of this virus out ???

  4. Sunglare says

    Wonder how many vax worshippers have accused Tim of being an anti vaxxer

  5. Odin Tenbears says

    No shit LMAO .that is exactly WHAT the shit government has planned. Good luck they will try to make Taking a vaccine forced ..and the assholes that are pushing this idea are the ones that want .80 % of the world dead to more Easley controlled. Good luck in the FEMA camp's.

  6. Doc Phil says

    THEY….have NEVER cared about the PEOPLE….it's got to be OBVIOUS by now.

  7. dan75 says

    Big companies benefit, while small businesses are forced out of business. Economy is trashed while hurting Trump. This has NOTHING to do with a virus!

  8. austin garrett says

    Tim, I can provide some context for the Jewish community issue. I work over in green point and have to go through those communities on a regular basis. Over the past month I’ve seen a total of 9 people in those communities wearing a mask. The rest of the hundreds of people were walking around as if nothing was happening. I don’t know about the other hotspots around the area because I’m a bit reclusive.

  9. Jennifer Ladwig says

    Reminds me of Dr. Suess' book about the Sneetches. was also one about "The Butter Battle". Dr. Suess wrote a lot about controversial topics in his books.

  10. Thescott16 says

    There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government measure.

  11. Kraken07 says

    "Australia, they have become uhh" uhhhhhh….COMMUNIST!!!

  12. Mindaugas JM says

    To be fair, why are you defending the trash called world's health organization?

  13. paul sharon says

    Trump lied and people died. Bring Trump up for charges. The blue states are superior in every way to the red states. We need mandatory, door to door vaccination and martial law immediately when Biden wins in November

  14. Tweaker Tom says

    You keep mentioning that cases are going up, yet you don't say anything about the fact that the people dying, and in actual hospital beds is not increasing, is this not evidence towards more fake news?

  15. Boomstick Mick says

    The dems are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. They'd rather let the economy crash and burn than see it thrive under Drumph.

  16. Shade Collins says

    Like the conspiracy nutjobs have been saying. This isn't a PANdemic. It's a PLANdemic. Weird how they've already traced it to the source as well.

  17. Chuck Graham says

    The lockdown only keep going because we as citizens allow it. It's unconstitutional, and all we need to do is ignore it. The police force will not arrest because they know it's wrong and cannot arrest us all. All business open, people start going back to support, and the Governors will lose their power.

  18. seedFan85 says

    Let me preface this with the fact that I'm Australian. The political situation here is quite different to what you have in the U.S. While it is true that we have left and right wings, here, the right wing Liberal Party is the party with ties with big business and the fossil fuel lobbyists, whereas our centre-left wing party, Labor, has ties with union workers. Also, it is the right that is ideologically aligned with neo-liberalism, whereas Labor will implement whichever policy best meets the needs of the time. The best evidence of this is the differences between their reactions to the GFC and the Covid Pandemic. Labor went early and gave out stiumulus payments and created infrastructure projects, resulting in the best economy in the world at the time, leading Donald Trump to take cues from them when responding to Covid. Conversely, the first thing that Liberals decided to do, was to implement quantitative easing, catapulting us deeper into a recession that was already unavoidable thanks to their constant use of rates of predicted growth not seen in over fifteen years.

  19. mikem67 says

    I think california and new york should stay in lockdown. The rest of us will move on. Maybe the voters will get smart and remove newsome and fredos brother from office.

  20. ThighGuy Gaming says

    I live in California. Me and my family, most of my coworkers, my family members coworkers, my primary doctor, pretty much everyone I know are sick of the restrictions and think they are over the top. California could be such a nice state if it wasn't run by a bunch of incompetent dumbshits.

  21. Aaron O'Neil says

    Re: Australia – most states are quite open. It's really only Victoria (and Melbourne, the state captial) where I live that has the lockdowns.Now I need to put in a correction for your facts: vaccines aren't mandatory, and aren't going to be. Our PM said 'as mandatory as possible' which basically means they're going to give you every reason to get it, and they'll probably tie strings to remaining unvaccinated eg- no COVID relief without the vaccine. He also clarified this after our media went nuts on the word 'mandatory.'Melbourne has been locked down by an incompetent leader, because he decided to use private security to enforce quarantine instead of the defence force which was on offer. When quarantine of returning travelers failed (because private security in some cases had less than an hour of training) we had to rely on our backup – contact tracing.Of course, this same leader also went ahead and made sure our contact tracing was so poorly set up that it relied on fax machines…And then we had an outbreak. Make no mistake, we're pursuing all options to have this incompetent leader removed legally.This moron also tried to push through powers of arbitrary arrest but that was stopped, only just because politicians vote the way their party says, not the way that's best for their people.To contrast this with the state to our North, New South Wales (and Sydney, it's captial), which have been operating largely as normal, some restrictions but not much. They have adequate contact tracing which has kept the cases down.I can't explain my disdain for our Premier in Victoria (kind of like state Governors in the US), we've had an average of less than 10 new cases per day over the last two weeks…. And 4 million people are still in lock down…

  22. Anarchist Arts says

    As a Malawian studying abroad who watched Tim’s channel for mostly american news, that slight brush over Malawi’s increased suicide rate kills me. I’m going home next month and hopefully as someone with really bad mental health struggles I hope I can offer some sort of help to my fellow countrymen

  23. Richard Carroll says

    On top of that… i have been to Iraq, Ireland, Kuwait, Philippines, Ireland, ..ext ext… this "pandemic" is a joke.. go lick people, i am 38.. this is all just a joke, a scare..

  24. Richard Carroll says

    I guess I am a country bumkin. Buy we just don't care here… even though the news SCREAMS its huge here??? I haven't known one person here yet in Missouri… ??!!?? Where?

  25. Ferdi Franz says

    Only in Victoris state in Australia

  26. Rich B says

    The WHO had advised people NOT to wear face masks up until June 5th. Trump was listening to the scientists, but mainstream media wanted to push the face mask will save your life narrative. Prior to June 5th: "If you do not have any respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, you do not need to wear a mask," Dr. April Baller, a public health specialist for the WHO, says in a video on the world health body's website posted in March. "Masks should only be used by health care workers, caretakers or by people who are sick with symptoms of fever and cough."June 5: "WHO changes COVID-19 mask guidance: Wear one if you can't keep your distance"

  27. Katherine Cornette says

    #HungerGames This was orchestrated to bring down Trump! I hate what's happening in Australia

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