1. Zarif Danial says

    4 Years ago I remember come to Perth and I love it! Hope I can go back to Perth again. Love From Malaysia🇲🇾!

  2. Kaan ZAGRA says

    Which terminal is this?

  3. Charles Lee says

    Sell the airport and turn it into golf course. Perth.does not need airpot anymore

  4. Addi Khan says

    Now hows the situation in australia right now like in melbourne sydney perth gold cost adelaide etc plzzzzz reply and did you know when will australian embassy reopen

  5. a mistake says

    Like and sub or a plane wheel will come off a plane and kit u It’s not fun …

  6. Omari Joseph says

    looks very lonely and totally deserted…must be a strange feeling..

  7. Anthony Playz says

    It’s so quiet…

  8. Elixre06 says

    janitors dream

  9. c 4 says

    Can wait

  10. Aviation Iceman says

    It’s gonna be good 🤪

  11. KidAviationYT says

    Can’t wait

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