1. el b sin nada cc says

    no mms la maluma canta del asco en vivo pobres de los espectadores

  2. Makalewa says

    King combs did his thing right thurrr👏🏾

  3. Gabriel Rodríguez says

    Me encanto el desfile

  4. ベストフレンド says

    Где вы такое чудо набрали, наверное с улицы,на мостовой

  5. Gabriel Rodríguez says

    Me encanto este desfile tambien quisiera ser modelo pero tengo 13 años

  6. Ruth flash says

    Que onda con estos modelos,algunos caminan como raperos jaja

  7. Tzab Sosa Mirle says

    3:11 Hero FT

  8. Judson Rocha says

    Does anyone know what the name of the song is at @21:30?

  9. Asif A. Ali says

    OMG, I want some of these suits!!! Classy and modern both at the same time.

  10. Giuriana says

    Todo estaba perfecto hasta que pusieron a cantar a Maluma… imagino, que es parte de darle una nueva imagen a la marca.

  11. J Papmehl says

    Didn't watch the whole intro and I was looking for Neels Visser🔥 and to my suprise i saw first Ross Lynch and then..Hero fucking Fiennes Tiffin!!🤯🔥 And then in the end I saw Neels 😂

  12. Xxd8thegreatxX says

    This video gives me confidence in my walk because I would like to be a runway model one day and seeing these people walking like robots or as if they sprained an ankle, it makes me feel great

  13. snejana's fingernails says

    the show begins at 11:42, periodt. opened by Max Barczak of Poland

  14. zhu Nie says

    Tống Uy Long❤

  15. Tárcila Emily says
  16. Dakiniwoman says

    Great clothes… If only I could find a man who would dress well…

  17. Ms ChasetheBag says

    All the comments are about Hero but what about Ross??? Give the man the recognition he deserves 😔

  18. Susanna Kelley says


    එනමුත්ගැස්ටන් සෙඩ්ෂි රෙස්පොන්ෂිබිලිටි ඊෂ් තෙර්ෂ් මිස යොර්ෂ් නොවේ කවුරුන් හෝ සතුටින් සිටින්නේ ක් පමණයි

  19. Rachel Lord says

    too many z-list celebs on this…. why??

  20. Ramiya Nur says

    Who’s 5:37

  21. Anne Sun says

    who is the 5:47 ?

  22. Rick McDaniel says

    Who is the female artist singing eyes on me now?

  23. MahiRani 298 says

    Ross Lynch is who I'm here for. He be lookin fine asl.

  24. Juan Arrieta says

    21:02 what is this song?
    Que cancion es esta?

  25. Grace Mahoungou says

    beautuful ce Beau avoir et aportez j Achete je veux pluse

  26. João Pedro de Abreu says

    What is the name of the first and third songs?

  27. Dissily Mordentroge says

    Wonderful fabric and emboidery (if that’s what it was)BUT the basic form/patterns of these designs are still the same old men’s pieces that have been around for over a century. Then we have the real problem with this production. The models were obviously programmed (they were robots, weren’t they?) to turn quickly at the end of their run preventing anything like a decent look at what they were actually wearing. Stupid really.

  28. bil obl says

    I am sorry but looking hot it doesn’t mean you are a model

  29. Grecia guadalupe Hernández rivera says

    Hero Fiennes-tiffin🤤🤤

  30. Елена Куликова says


  31. João Pedro de Abreu says


  32. Brian Brown says

    Where's the PLAYLIST?

  33. Mario Nataren Aquino says

    i like the crown of prince

  34. Justin biddy says

    I don’t wear d and g but i was trying to find one of their men’s fashion shows – it was outside and i think by the ocean. They were going down theses steps? Anyone know?

  35. Fatima Colmenares Grijalba says

    2:23 nombre de la cancion?👏

  36. america wd says

    20:02 Me la pelan, mi mamá decía que no iba a ser nada y mírenme, …

  37. Fibre Pern says

    I'm here for Paolo Dybala

  38. Castillo Gonzalez Danha Melanie says

    El precioso Hero Fiennes-tiffin después del hermoso de Juanpa Zurita ❤️🥰

  39. Lorena Peña says

    12:24 The best part


    people are telling me they are going to compete with my dress that i haveandsteal my look and style and everything i do.

  41. Karina Langford says

    19:26 Hero Fiennes Tiffin 😍♥💌🚀📖🙊🙉🙈

  42. daniella says

    5:28, 6:35, 9:20, 12:14, 12:25 who are they??

  43. Johan Ormeño says

    27:39 la envidia (The envy) xd v:

  44. Pablo Torres says


  45. Life is Beautiful says

    Omg mario maurer so handsome😍

  46. Agnes Helen says


  47. Ferencs Salvoski says

    Qué asco, desde cuando ponen enanos en las pasarelas, y todos niños ricos, hijos de, famosos, casi pocos son modelos en serio

  48. Flavio HollywoodPictures says

    Can't find words. ENDORSEMENTS. Massimo Piombini EPIC. Givenchy, Balenciaga Gucci…Helping make a better world for children, eradicate poverty. Make all evil, things you want to disappear.

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