1. Spartan 65 says

    Hella love down Hill…… music?

  2. megxmarie15 says

    longboarding makes my fuckin heart race especially downhill longboarding yo 💗😭

  3. Karung says


  4. Ihab ihab says


  5. Jhone Ortiz says

    name of song?

  6. Braedon Bennett says

    I just got a 350 dollar longboard for my 17th birthday yesterday to do this stuff

  7. Christian Duavis says

    I love it

  8. Tarihua Teiri says

    Hello i'm a rider from tahiti… And I want to know where you ride ??

  9. Ariany MR says


  10. yoroskates says

    Don’t forget to subscribe on krimes basketball shorts

  11. Outside TV says

    Hey people are awesome team! Your video looks perfect for our video of the month contest on Campfire. We would love to see you upload it to http://campfire.outsidetv.com/home to have the opportunity to win a surfboard, wetsuit, and some free publicity! See you on the site!

  12. Benjamin Saffer says

    The soundtrack blows.

  13. Ryan Hernandez says

    OH YEAH!

  14. Aditi Chaudhary says

    Dude you EPIC awesome…😉😉

  15. Seliko's creative studio says

    3 dizlikes by the drivers

  16. nord1dev says

    Music – Jac & Harri feat. Max Landry With the sun. Awesome video! 😉

  17. эдже тюльпан says

    cool super chic)

  18. Red 09 says


  19. Zuerostatico ツ says

    Diz ai Caraí!

  20. Zuerostatico ツ says


  21. Zuerostatico ツ says

    Song ?????????

  22. Samad AH says

    awsome foooooxxx

  23. Ivana Cárdenas says


  24. her v rot says

    Music pls

  25. ossama boufarra says

    Guys , u R completly awsome

  26. Mohin Diab says

    this is awesome…..

  27. U-Boot 94 says

    That is my yoga 😁

  28. Brakni Family says

    best videos 2018……………………………………….dz

  29. nikit0shunter says

    Оооууууу ееее дададад i love it

  30. Der Noug says

    I love Downhill😍

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