Drag Racing v1.6 Agera R 12.728 LVL 7


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  1. Olin Kustini says

    i got 12, 724 thangks bro

  2. Wojciech K says

    i has sendet a new wordl record on pro league 12,730

  3. Gabriel says


  4. Malik Panther says

    can you make a tune for Alfa Romeo 8c

  5. akmalramadhan eighteen says

    what is the final drive tune?

  6. Heri Prabowo says


  7. Heri Prabowo says

    1 2 1 0 5 5

  8. Heri Prabowo says

    1.2501 4.5202,36003 2,9404 2,4905 2,2006 0,4007 0,400

  9. Faitau Thompson says

    Best i got with this tune was 12.725…. Thanks alot mann, you're the best!! Now all we need is that pro tune status

  10. BornForCod says

    my best is 12.717 with this tune but tune up the nitrous by .100 and yo will get this time

  11. Francisco Rivas muzquiz says

    12.726 best time

  12. Bryan B says

    Please give me the tune, i need it.

  13. underdog says

    thanx a lot!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  14. Mateus Viana says

    Vlw me ajudou

  15. Ronald Lim says

    Great man! Thanks!

  16. Aiman Sapardi (AS) says

    my time is not constant. help? where should i focus more to?

  17. Beto Olmos says

    My record on the this car is 12.1 !!

  18. Eli says

    Thanks Helped out alot

  19. Manggih Yuwono says

    Thanks for the tune

  20. arye ipunk says

    Tune aston martin one-77 level 6 1/2 v1.6.4 (13,500) pliss bro

  21. anton setiawan says

    something wrong it my drive? i always got 12.801 in best time

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