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Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) episode 183: Ecco the Dolphin. Ecco is an action-adventure game originally developed by Ed Annunziata and Novotrade International for the Sega Genesis and published by Sega in 1992. The original game followed the exploits of a young dolphin named Ecco as he searched the seas, and eventually time itself, for his missing pod. The game is known for being super unique with a great art style, but it’s also known for being hard, frustrating, and unfair.

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Crew: Justin Silverman, Kieran Fallon, Antonio Piluso

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  1. kirralight says

    Classic nerd

  2. Simon the Zealot says

    8:06 😂

  3. Иван Ангелов says


  4. Иван Ангелов says

    i like how the beer joke keeps getting more rediculous and more rediculous. its really funny

  5. Talsiang Chickenwing says

    Loved this game as a kid. Whoot

  6. TheDeadRingerOfficial says


  7. Miguel Morais Miro says

    Do GTA 3

  8. arcadeportal32 says

    I could never get far in this game, could never figure out were to go and always died. Would never of gotten passed some parts without internet guides, but I have hardly played it since the early 2000s

  9. Zora Aura says

    Cover wizards and warriors 1, 2, and 3. That would make me truly happy.

  10. martin alig says

    I liked this game lol

  11. Corey Myers says

    “What a lightweight.” That may just the quietest, quickest, most poetic, and least destructive way to destroy a game console ever on this show.

  12. Lizie Cristina says


  13. Jenny Lyn says

    Expert consultation by zoobooks 😂

  14. tasha says

    Need a physical PS4 game!!!!

  15. Tony Porter says

    I think this guy works for Rolling Rock based off of how he randomly advertises it by drinking one or more at random moments hahaha!!!

  16. Joseph Denny says

    I've been watching James since I was 15 I'm 27 now. I love you videos dude. They got me through the worst part of my life and help me stay sane as an adult. You have truly helped improve my life. Thank you so much James

  17. XgamingX says

    So… Where Did You Ever Learn To Fly…. Was It From Cybermorph?

  18. Cobra says

    The nerd has become Mr. Lahey.

  19. Yoster Schnauss says

    This game is based on the dolphin that was given acid for "science".

  20. Alfredo Mejía says

    Gracias a mi Dios que no conocí el SEGA Génesis.

  21. Retro Collecting says

    YES THE AVGN INTRO thank you promotion at the begining

  22. Richard says

    I didn’t know people actually drink Rolling Rock…

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