Equalizer APO Overview/Tutorial Feat. Boosting a USB Microphone


This video is a long time coming. I’ve made videos over EqualizerAPO before, but I keep refreshing it. Because it gets views? No. But because I feel like I can explain it better, I’m no longer a squeaky kid, and also it’s been updated since the old days of manually editing the text file. SO, you may need to pause and rewind once or twice but I feel this is a good video explaining how to use it.

The main thing I’ll be focusing on will be boosting a USB microphone (since that’s a common thing that people need done) And also applying a basic equalizer to your speakers.

Any questions just ask.
If you want to upgrade your equipment, here are some great places to start.

$49 A nice, reasonably priced USB microphone:

$169 Absolute UNIT of an USB microphone:

If you need a gaming headset, the HyperX cloud series are the best I’ve found for the price. They have a usable mic on them as well. Depending on your PC, you may need a sound card to power them. The Cloud 2 comes with a USB sound card. The cloud, cloud 2, and cloud core are all the same headset, but they have different cables and come with different accessories. The cloud alpha is new and better, but not by much.

$55 Cloud:

$93 Cloud 2:

$89 Cloud Alpha:


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  1. PixelPoison says

    Be sure to check out my other tutorials if you like this one!

  2. psimon says

    Super confusing with having to open an alrdy configured file (onclude) to then open a file from that configured file.. W H Y? how isnt it possible to just select device you want to config and then use all the bells and wizzles you want to add, save and done…. kinda blows my mind.

  3. Akanao says

    Is it possible to equalize with Graphic EQ for the MIC?

  4. Paul King says


  5. Ali Mubarok says

    Oh god! its so complex!

  6. S-DEW says

    wow thanks cant troll teachers on zoom classes. thank you.

  7. JaysMan 19 says

    how do I get real time feed back so I can hear myself?

  8. Vincent Beaudet says

    don't seems to work with Realtek

  9. tyrone fujibalis says

    Is no one going to talk about the briefcase clock?

  10. Anthony Casalena says

    This does not effect my speakers or mic at all. Am I forgetting to engage something?

  11. ZhapFN says


  12. Adrian Tan says

    Thank you very much, solved my USB mic boost issue

  13. ChikaJihyo says

    Thanks so much for this guide, works perfectly ^_^

  14. NemotheChibi says

    thanks! this was really helpful

  15. 0Melty says

    When I boost the gain up to 20 dB the audio starts to get fuzzy, anything to help this in the equalizer?

  16. Wrinkled Solesniff says

    Brilliant tutorial, friend. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

  17. Sandeep Gedam says

    This helps a lot🙏 thanks dude…m gonna download this video if i stuck anywhere..thanks a lot🙏👍

  18. Stephan Reisig says

    "If you don't know what it is, you don't need it" . . > How arrogant is thàt! > I watch a video to LEARN from it. Otherwise I wouldn't have looked it up.

  19. no u says

    awsome it does nothing

  20. jacob Snyder says


  21. ZeGnome says

    Can I bind it somehow?

  22. Genri says

    who else got this to earrape?

  23. Not Isaac says

    thanks bro

  24. Daniel Middleman says

    After watching this video I was frustrated with seeing
    the setup you have to do to make this thing work but I
    stumbled onto this extension that does away with all
    of that. Just search for Equalizer API Configuration
    Extension (Peace). Love Equalizer APO with this
    extension added on.

  25. IC Chris says

    I downloaded it but its not in my file that I put it in.

  26. Aleksandar Aca says

    Name video for microphone boost , shows speakers. Truly braindead guy

  27. Caribe Translations says

    does this software needs a licence?

  28. Caribe Translations says

    THanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Dragos says

    I downloaded it, it worked at first for about a 3 days and then i try to open it, it only shows the part of the equalizer with the red bar and then closes by itself! I uninstalled and installed it several times and it just does the same thing..

  30. Wissenschool says

    thank so much

  31. Shloopa says

    basic knowledge for the app, if that

  32. iTrideMyBest says

    It works perfectly.

  33. flonga1 says

    I downloaded it succesfully and my one speaker device is pointing to the app/was added correctly. When I test the pre-amp and equalizer nothing changes. What happened? Thanks

  34. Jason Mickevich says

    Fantastic. Thank you so much.

  35. lecker Toastbrot says

    wups, my bad :D. Good video, but it would be cool, if you mentioned the "peace" program too.

  36. WHYBAD SALL says

    when i launche equalizer apo its crashing why pls help me equalizer apo crash if i launche it help me

  37. Fanda says

    nice mic sound

  38. Vaes1x says

    How do you run the equalizer. It hasn't had any effect for me.

  39. Queen's Knight says

    doesn't work at all for me. no changes apply no matter what i do.

  40. Andreas Nolte says

    OOOOOOHHHHH, you saved me!!!! I was searching for a solution for my problem for almost a week now and I almost gave up 🙂

    Now with this program I can finally delay my audio so I have synced Video and Audio, when using my external camera and mic in skype and zoom etc. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank you so much!!!!

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