1. Walking Inature says

    She spinned so hard she confused herself.

  2. Derry F says

    Absolutely roasted lol

  3. Nana 16 says

    Classic my mic is cutting out

  4. Phoebe Jones says

    If Joni Ernst loses her job with teeth as white as that she could get a job as a lighthouse.

  5. Daniela Murphy says


  6. Michael Pak says

    No thank you, I won’t admit to the fact that I do not have the aptitude to represent the people of Iowa.

  7. James G says

    How can this be a competitive race?!! The difference in intelligence and knowledge is just unbelievable. Ernst knows nothing about challenges of farmers and tried to bs her way through.

  8. bill cy says


  9. Jako32 says

    oomg 3:15 instant FLUSH JONI! LOL *another victim of Trump kkkarma! Every.one meeting their fate/demise like f'king dominos or rats Trumptanic LOOL

  10. kulata says

    That was embarrassing to watch

  11. Tarekthedrum says

    This is my new favorite video.

  12. walkaway Renee says


  13. Jonathan Reyes says

    "Yeah, certainly."

  14. llcooljay520 says

    The truth is, Joni can’t blame her earpiece. She was the one that chose to ignore the original question, because she decided she needed to talk about other issues. She wasn’t paying attention.

  15. Fiskgyrl2 says

    Geez that was embarrassing.

  16. Tony the Pod Boss says


  17. Ms W says

    Joni should stop lying.. she is so bad at it… No one believes she didn't hear the question..

  18. William Ng says

    but she may know the street price for crack cocaine

  19. William Ng says

    easiest way is for Biden to repair US China relationship and get China back onboard buying US ag products

  20. Craig Thomas says

    being a native iowan.. The breakeven of soybeans.. Joni.. not soybeans.. not a bad earplug.. You are a fool.. go back and be that pig farmer and learn something !!!!!!

  21. Fat Man says

    Its one banana, how much does it cost? $10

  22. Brooke Skylar Richardson says

    Ernst is a fraud. who knew?

  23. BusterBLV says

    Hey Joni, your political career is over and the best part is it's entirely your own fault. Now you can go back to Montgomery County and think about all the bad choices you've made while real leaders get to work undoing the damage you've caused. If you get tempted to feel like a victim just find a mirror and repeat to yourself all that stuff you said about how Covid is "just like the flu".

  24. LEW IAPNRADIO says

    Ernst knows nothing about farming nor the state she is going down

  25. ionicatoms says

    hahahaha thanks for that Senator.

  26. Thengade Moodu says

    This is so hilarious. She made a bad embarrassment much worse by blaming Ms. Greenfield and finally the audio! Excellent moderation, btw.

  27. The Great William Denison says

    I'm sure Joni has no idea how much most medications cost as well.

  28. greenbobbin says

    It's not hard to have your team prepare a briefing for you about the things that matter to your state, especially when you have a congressional staff.

  29. Trumptaconoballs says

    Ernst put herself forward as some down home farmer type to go and represent Iowa and she doesn't know the price of soybeans. She's nothing but an empty vessel that votes the way her corporate owners tell her to. She doesn't know jack.

  30. QUINT Sharky says

    Ernst is a total Trump loser. And a liar. –––– Iowa is farmland. To have a Senator who doesn't know the price of soybeans in her own state, in my opinion, disqualifies her. PERIOD.

  31. wreckingKREW1 says

    I'm not an Iowan,nor a farmer,full disclosure. But I know this much…when the incumbent can't answer a simple question on the price of a bushel of a crop that's critical to my state and many of it's farmers,but her challenger can on a different,just as vital crop,well…that would tell me who's in touch with what my struggles are and who isn't. All Jodi Ernst brought to this was evading,spinning and a WAY wrong guess…let's be honest,she's straight guessing here.

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