EVERY 🎃 PUMPKIN 🎃 Location in My Restaurant LIVE EVENT! (Music Version 👀)


I’ve forgot to add music in the last video! So I’ve uploaded a new video about the same video, but with music)

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Hallo and welcome to another video!
Today I’ve showed you every pumpkin location in the My Restaurant event!
(There is 8 pumpkins overall)

Hope it will help you find those pumpkins, and hope you enjoyed the video

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  1. Vhanki says

    This video is the same of the last video! But this time there is a music, so if you want to watch the video with music… here ya go lol

  2. Jorden Jones says

    You are standing next to me my user was jordenjonz

  3. Evan Jero says

    Hi Vhanki every time nice vids 🙂 can u give me maybe some money in my restourant if ye u make my day :))))

  4. AavaduhCado says


  5. SeCkOoONNND says

    Eyyy nice vid 🙂

  6. Giorgi Shtikov says

    You were in my roblox server

  7. ro gholu legend says


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