1. verastaki says

    Wow!, So fun melting balls and other objects at this age.

  2. luka mg says


  3. Tomislav Habijanec says

    Ha i 5 likes you 15 likes

  4. LucyTube says


  5. Alex says


  6. Taci Chibana says

    Good morning please contact the office and

  7. Matthew Thomas says

    How can you touch it if it was hot?

  8. Erica Hills says


  9. Наталья Панасюк says

    Super best video 👍👍👍

  10. Francesco Arpioni says

    My experiments: you and all your videos are very stupid! American without brain!

  11. Tygogamer NL says

    1:32 can i have one?

  12. Red 90 says


  13. says

    cool video

  14. TyphoidBryan says

    Keeping it within the realm of sports, you should try a golf ball. Because they often have tightly wound rubber bands inside, you may enjoy how they snap when catching on fire.

  15. Ivan Alvarado says

    new sub <3

  16. RudisLV says

    I do not want to play tennis with coal
    Edit:You wanna play some footcoal

  17. Simon Engelbos says

    I love this channel!

  18. Pascal Power says

    Cool Experiment 😎

  19. ALi GAME OVER says


  20. TheOlbrait1 says


  21. Alejandro Ladino says

    La pelotita se tosto jajajaja

  22. ALI SG says


  23. lingareddy s says

    Viewer no.533

  24. Denis Alexi says

    Nice Video.👍

  25. AQtheGamer says

    hello stupid ! maker of pollution. unsubbed

  26. Людмила Юрьевна says


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