Fall Guys Item Shop MUSICAL!!! [NOVEMBER 21ST, 2020] (Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout)


Fall Guys Item Shop Musical November 21, 2020 Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Charger costume
The Goose emote
Musical Fall Guys
Hero costume
Patty Cake emote
Boxing emote
Knock off emote
Z-snap emote

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  1. Pj Danita says

    Items in your shop may vary. Thanks for watching, SUBSCRIBE, and have an awesome day.

  2. Greg Over says

    Z Snap is EPIC

  3. Pam’s doinitagain says

    Happy Saturday sis🍂👍😊💕🍂

  4. lily girl says

    Keep up the good work 😁

  5. Peffu says

    Im First 🙂

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