1. John Mclane says

    memories memories

  2. Mattizzopac says

    I remember the fights about standing in front of the keeper to block his kick and score. That, plus going from left to right always yielded more goals. Great game. Good times!

  3. Gabriel Hernández says

    Y todavía ahí los aficionados son mas inteligentes que en las nuevas FIFA'S -.-'

  4. mike O Brien says

    What a game spent so many hours playing it nestalga!!

  5. FunkYork says

    ah yeah I didnt' see pads 0:30 !!!

  6. Marcus Vinicius says


  7. FunkYork says

    Is it the Super NES game ?

  8. TheOhre says

    best game ever

  9. FunBindy says

    And so the legend began…

  10. Erdim Niyazi says


  11. khalil sentoki says

    i have 60 years old and i remember when i played this 1994 when i have 42 years old

  12. oliver10515 says

    how come they dont do the coin toss anymore

  13. oliver10515 says

    this is the first fifa i think so if you find something saYING FIFA 89 LIKE I DID OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT ITS FAKE

  14. Bullerpro says

    oh memories… and at the time i played this game i couldn't even read so i memorized where to click to start a match, and never knew wich teams i used 😀 man i was a smart 4 year old!

  15. A ce says

    @poopio123 than PES 2012

  16. Unlimited High Quality Openings says

    instead of buying this game buy fifa 06 then play this game in fifa 06

  17. Mitchell John Oakes says

    lol best game eva

  18. ikemoikka says

    excellent, no warnings!:D

  19. HHman94 says

    They need the coin toss in FIFA 12!!!

  20. Станислав Николаев says

    If one pixel cost one dollar, the video cost … one dollar !

  21. midas259 says


    3 years old? When i was 3, I was still using diapers, and you were playing fifa? Some people grow up faster than others!

  22. Vítor Sulpino says

    Caramba esse e o classico quem não jogou esse não aprveitou a infancia!

  23. Ken Guaro says

    compare this to fifa 11 or 12…

  24. CasalMultiplayer says

    Gastei muitas horas da minha vida jogando esse clássico!

  25. Michael Willett says

    Honestly, the crowd animations haven't changed since.

  26. johnny garcia says

    imagin that fifa 13 comes out like this in this game there was only to buttons to pass and to shoot

  27. maxgurka1 says

    is this fifa 11 hahha

  28. adrian ramirez says

    Imagine what we'll be saying about todays fifa in about 20 years or so

  29. FlyingWithAdventure says

    lets go messi!!

  30. ZantetZuken77 says

    Epic. i remember this !!! my first FIFA game!!!

  31. O L says

    I remember when I first got this thinking that the graphics were amazing; just like real tv. How times have changed 🙂

  32. MiZoSpaDe says

    looks like EM sports to me 😀

  33. alvarokas says

    @andy29081983 i remember once, i've been like… 10 minutes running away as my friends laughed,… too bad it has to end… damn ref

  34. Olivér Gyurán says

    hát nagyon szar

  35. Bruno Menega says

    Caralho uqe jogo podre!

  36. Salac1ty says

    LOL! I have this one for the gameboy!
    (Yes, the FIRST gameboy… like that big grey one! XD)
    I loved the game… getting it out the cupboard now XD

  37. Paddy Maginnis says

    If it wasnt for this FIFA 11 Wouldt exist so there

  38. Sam Sam says

    I love running away from the ref in this game!

  39. David Hunter says

    FIFA 11 is 17 times better than this… (if you don't understand you have no brain)

  40. LordNiko95 says

    FIFA is always the best.

  41. voytivoyti says

    taka grafa jak na kome

  42. Skazkin Eugene says

    There were cursor, enter for pass and space for shoot!

  43. Musicman1913 says

    Pity you can't choose sides on the new games and the ref was indeed funny

  44. Zahed Ibrahimi says


  45. xxxcagriersozxxx says

    awesome graphics! believe me, you will never find that graphics today! GENIUS!

  46. Jesus Vargas says

    @BNS206 really? you could really do that? thats reall soccer not the fake fifa 11 it even messes up on the offsides stuff it kinda sucks.

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