I travelled to Taveuni Island, Fiji and was the happiest girl on the other side of the world. I spent three and a half weeks snorkelling the rainbow reef, swimming under waterfalls, horseback riding through coconut plantations, and frolicking under a layer of my own sweat.

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  1. Kayler Jane says
  2. P F says

    Wow! Your mom is so beautiful. Now I see why you are too. 😊sorry all the comments today, but like said on another video. I've just discovered your channel and I'm doing a bit of binge watching.😂

  3. Annie Stevens says

    Bula from Fiji Island's,I'm a huge fan so excited that you both had a enjoyable time..God bless alway's!😊

  4. Travis Zane says

    Awesome video! Genuinely digging your stuff 🙂 check out my vid if you have the time, I think we have the same passions

  5. Amato Mariano says

    fiji looks good!

  6. Abe G says


  7. Sarah Raffer says

    Oh, you are so cute…and this place is my dream. Just seen Santorini by Yuri Palma, and this video. And I am in an office…I subscribed

  8. Emily Buwawa says

    Being a Fijian, it's amazing to know that others love it just as much and explored new places! Vinaka

  9. lilbitofboth says

    This was such a beautiful video! cant wait to see more 🙂

  10. Keto Twins says

    your vids are great! cant wait to watch them all, I ve always wanted to go to Fiji!

  11. Rahel Boon says

    Please check out my new Fiji vlog 🌞🙌🏽🐍🌴

  12. Scandi Freckles says

    I loved the video !! I have always wanted to go to FIJI and now EVEN MOREEE !! haha I subbed your channel because I love vlogs and I love travelling !!! Looking forward to see more adventures 🙂

  13. Savage Ogoe says

    nice travel vlog! Hope I can visit Fuji sometime

  14. cecileung says

    I really think you deserve more subscribers, nice editing! 🙂

  15. Graciela Elorza says

    OMG!!! I'M SOOOO JEALOUS!!!! Everything looks beautiful!!! Tell us a little bit more about Fiji!!! please!!! <3

  16. AlexandriaTheGoddess McEachern says

    you and your mom look just alike!

  17. MoerfTube says

    wooow great vlog! I definitley have to go to Fiji one day, too it looks gorgeous and fun 😀

  18. Greg and Sara says

    Fiji looks amazing!

  19. sagar bansal says

    hey ashley check out my first travel vlog

    i hope it came out fine as it was my first plz plz plz review ittttttt

  20. Bulou Varanisese says

    How fun! I'm surprised you didn't do more adventurous things in Fiji, although considering your location there's probably limited activities. I'm glad you got to visit the country I am from! 🙂

  21. Casey Chronicle says

    AYYEEE nice video keep em comin!:)

  22. CouplesVsCouples says

    Sooo beautiful! Was this fully filmed on the iphone?

  23. The Whitney Fam says

    So pretty! Jealous of your adventures

  24. isaac says

    click bait i thought this was a review on fiji water.

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