FM21 – EP4 – Manchester United – Take Me Home, United Road – Football Manager 2021



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Welcome to the first let’s play series on my channel with FM21 this year. I have decided to try and take my beloved Manchester United back to the top of world football. Hopefully you will join me on this Football Manager 2021 adventure as we rebuild the club and learn all about the new features on FM2021. Thank you for watching please feel free to like and subscribe.


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  1. sean white says

    Bood what Virgil van Dijk would be if he signed for man utd not for liverpool. Hope your clan are doing well.

  2. sean white says

    Not a bad price for Kevin & Mo. Could anyone's say no for their went if you bring a good young replacement? Only on this game.

  3. elluko1997 says

    You can zoom out in the preferences and get stuff like the key prospect back on the club screen.

  4. Johno Daz says

    Great start too the Season Bood 👍. I think the League is possible this Season :-).

  5. Nathan Dunn says

    how did you get reyna on a free they want 70+ mil on my united save

  6. Nathan Dunn says

    how did you get reyna on a free they want 70+ mil on my united save

  7. Brian Kane says

    Nice wee trophy to start the season. Thats a dream team you're building mate. Can see there being a few more trophies by the end of the season😎👍. P.S you said you didnt have anyone in the dream team but Sancho was in it 😂

  8. Brian Kane says

    Reyna was born in Sunderland mate. Thats why hes eligible for England. His dad Claudio Reyna played with Rangers and we sold him to Sunderland and thats where Giovanni was born.

  9. Dean McMullen says

    Have you already got your plans set for FM21 full release 100%?

  10. Lloyd Ryan says

    Hate to be the one to point it out mate but you have sancho in the dreamteam 🤦‍♂️😂

  11. Floyd 81 says

    I think the devs are gonna do something about the "Cluster Fuck" cos I seen it mentioned on the report bugs page!

  12. Floyd 81 says

    I move the youth players who have good potential into the 1st team so I can mentor them, but I still make them available for the youth squads so they play regularly!!

  13. SuperSeytan666 says

    Hannibal is Mejbri, you had him on Rostock save on loan he was a beast.

  14. Shawn Gillogly says

    Boooood! You did NOT say Gio Reyna declared for England IRL. He never did. And in fact, he just played for the USMNT in both the recent friendlies.

    facepalm love you, man. But that hurts my soul.

    Also, IRL, he just signed a 4yr extension at BVB. So when the full database drops, I suspect both of those issues will be remedied. And he'll be another, "Give us 100mil or walk," player.

  15. Arno Van der Merwe says

    Dalot going to Wolves is the most realistic thing I've seen ever seen on FM

  16. Lee Masters says

    If you’re a Liverpool fan then well never mind! All great signings there Bood

  17. Richard Beck says

    How did you get a WP for that Jorge? He failed the WP on my save as well as Juan Macias, Estaban Andrada, Vignato, and Tonali. Thinking I might have a glitch haha

  18. Ben Ballantyne says

    Reyna is a great signing mate

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