FM21 | Leeds United | END OF SEASON SPECIAL! | #11 | Football Manager 2021


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  1. TheSealDribble says

    Koch banged it from afar and Ralpinha got injected.

  2. Joe says

    In FM 20 Jamie Shackleton was trained to play RB at Southampton and I signed him for my Dortmund side and he was amazing! Maybe something to look into lad

  3. andrew murray says

    I've not mentioned the B-word this season – immediately concedes 2 goals . Almost bottled lol. keep it up Benjy

  4. Osiris MB says

    That was a bergkamp touch right there!

  5. BIOBATH says

    when he said "quite the drop" i felt that in my heart

  6. audio man says

    This game is so unrealistic have you seen where man utd are 😂

  7. H Redders says

    Leeds fan and it’s Mel i er

  8. The People's Manager says

    Live Transfer……Hell Yeah

  9. Declan Kelly says

    So many good players in west ham and palace. Antonio, zaha, rice and schlupp

  10. chris mills says

    Check on Declan rice after west ham going down

  11. Dylan Jones says

    The camera is better on the right hand side

  12. Saurav S says

    Please do live transfer and and show everything

  13. Jason Ellison says

    Give Dallas more praise!!!!

  14. nictheperson says

    Koch the ball winning midfielder has banged it

  15. Dotun says

    buy cresswell or pva

  16. Josh Harris says

    Rice and Zaha inbound?👀

  17. Eczeman Gaming says

    Yeh go on then!

  18. Alex Gess says

    Yeaa go on then

  19. Lucas Howard Walker says

    Im my leeds save spurs only just survived

  20. Peter Santamaria-Woods says

    Superb episode! Team with good players went down. Antonio, Soucek, Zaha, Wilson all potentially available now.

  21. Matthew Green says


  22. Archie Marshall says

    Can we please address that Karlan Grant has scores 22 goals for West Brom. I'll repeat that. 22 GOALS?!

  23. Kyle Molics says

    Sky sports news and MOTD would have been insane in that final day

  24. Luke Thomas says

    ABSOLUTELY want that live transfer special

  25. Bear says

    Omg absolute scenes Ben!
    Great entertainment 👍🏻

  26. Jamie Hamilton says

    Wow you did it! That is such an impressive feat especially with the injuries. Rodigro’s goals were beautiful skme of the play was immense, the March engine is the best non official feature this year it’s a delight to play and you are playing it brilliantly. Funny, entertaining and always comedical had a bad feeling at 3-2 down when you said the bottle at 2-0 but you came back, comeback king

  27. mrbanana1805 ! says

    Antonio from West Ham?

  28. George Bro says

    Live transfer window would be great Dr!
    Might be controversial.. but I much prefer 2D dots than the 3D match engine. Maybe I'm just old school!

  29. Matt Blant says

    Deep penetration from Koch and he just slots it in the hole

  30. Aditya Agrawal says

    This fm beta is weird af one place I'm seeing kev smashing it with Leicester amid claims of game being too easy and here I'm seeing a more realistic game where the opposition are actually attacking and not just bowing down

  31. SkaiYT says

    Your CBs always seem to play it long even when they have lots of time AND you have short passing on team instructions. Might be worth adding player instructions to change them to short passing.

  32. Tactix Gaming says

    Congrats well done mate.

  33. glenn howard says

    Hate the replays mate can’t see the action properly

  34. Shibby says

    His name is pronounce mel-ee-ay —-> think Montpellier

  35. Charian says

    As a Newcastle fan, it was a bit of a rollercoaster to watch their demise in that last game 🙁

  36. Nevin Densham says

    Yeah, go on then. KOCH HAS BANGED IT IN!

  37. Raphael Rowley says

    Got to bring in Saint-Maximin

  38. CraigD23 says

    "Koch has banged it" oh my days lol

  39. Mehmet Şîwan Çevik says

    Buying a Wilfried Zaha from crystal palace would be interesting

  40. MLMDota says

    I believe Klich was sold to the MLS right? Transfer deals sometimes fall through due to wage cap restrictions in the MLS, I imagine that's what happened. I had it a bunch of times last year

  41. Oli Coulson says

    Definitely would watch a live transfer special! Love your transfer streams

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