FM21 | Leeds United | THEY ARE BACK | #1 | Football Manager 2021


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  1. The Fudges says

    Starting my first save with Weymouth. On the Xmas list 😁

  2. louis 123 says

    Can somebody help me please, I’ve never played football manager and am looking to get Fm21 this year, what laptops affordable do I need?

  3. Balas bolinhos says

    yo can give your squad view plz?

  4. A Hardstyle Lamb says

    Why no pictures for any of the players?

  5. Sam Smith says

    I'm doing LOSC Lille on the beta, and carrying over to the main game. doing unbelievably well atm, lots of good young talented players

  6. Liviu Drăgan says

    The skin ia awfull. Dark with white sections, that will screw your eyes..

  7. Spencer Hall says

    Love a journeyman save, until I get fed up of losing every game and just start a save with my local team.

  8. Job Homer says

    Drop a like, leave a comment, Done, now what PogChamp.

  9. Mitchell Cocks says

    My first save: Leeds United.

    Watching this video to get a early look at the team and tactics that could be used. The planing has already started.

  10. Glenn Liddell says

    My Leeds save took Vinicius Jnr on loan from Real – did brilliantly.

  11. woodside says

    Crystal Palace – Make Eze into a world class player and convince Zaha to stay, long term project and transform them into a top 6 side 🔥

  12. liam44961 says

    A copy please Ben 👍🏻👊🏻

  13. Chenny says

    Sheffield United, because my mate told me too.

  14. Miguel Santos says

    First Save – Sporting CP in Portugal, they haven't won a league title in 20 years, they've been using club-formed young players more and more every time and this year they're placed 1st, 4 points in front…

  15. Rafael Díaz says

    I`ll be starting with Inter because I wanna sack Conte RIGHT NOW!!!

  16. Arya Karanjkar says

    I feel lied to now that the green circles are gone…
    Love ur content bro !!

  17. Craig Buckland says

    Need to get Shackleton bedded in

  18. Thomas Bagley says

    Would love a copy of FM21 cheers united x

  19. Damir Kucljak says

    Mandzukic is a free agent 😉 and my first save would be Man Utd- to try bringing them back to the top

  20. MEastgate says

    Kidderminster always 🙌🏻

  21. ViSion says

    Lets go Leeds 🙂

  22. LeoMKD says

    I will start with borrusia dortmund cause of their youth system

  23. John McCarthy says

    Can't wait to use Leeds myself!

  24. Darron Boachie says

    Ajax young talents

  25. jonny degnan says

    still got no badges for teams, pc equivalent of pes

  26. Arjun Johal says

    If you wanted a real challenge benjy you should've been WBA 😭😭

  27. Nikos Lainas says

    Like the skin already. First save: Sunderland. Reason: Interesting 5 year plan to get to know the game imo

  28. I used to enjoy leeds united 2001-2005 i am not even a supporter of them am psv supporter i am from the netherlands, i will also start with leeds in fm they are trying to get back to the european top the football leeds wants to play is insane attacking footbal .

  29. Zacharias Papadopoulos says

    I'll probably start with OFI Crete in Greece, since I support them in real life

  30. Dr. Watson says

    VVV Venlo in the Netherlands. I live there, the club I support, but we are really bad at the moment. Lost 13-0 to Ajax and I want to take revenge!

  31. Agustín Capra says

    My save will be with Stoke. I need them back at the Premier. I just need them there. Great vid btw, awesome to have you back mate.

  32. Ben Ashman says

    Starting with Tottenham, they need their first premier league

  33. Matyus Daniel says

    Starting with Ferencvaros in Hungary trying to get them to win the champions League

  34. Spaceman_797 says

    First signing on FM is Jack Wilshire… Shocking behaviour Ben. Shocking.

  35. Jack Duignan says

    Going for my local team, Sligo Rovers. Have tried and failed for years to win the champions league, but I think the stars can align this year

  36. James Wilson says

    Will be managing Watford as my first save good young team and will be getting them back in the prem 👌🏻

  37. Jaelen Hounsell says

    I will do a save with Valencia as they are going through financial turmoil in real life and I feel someone needs to breathe new life into the team. I love the team and the way people like Parejo were pushed out of the club are ridiculous.

  38. The Phenomenal Skillz says


  39. Charlie Martin says

    I’ve been waiting for the new football manager like Christmas can’t wait to start a Burnley save and hopefully keep them up would love to win a free copy with everything happening in the world , looking forward to watching all the series 💯

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