Football Manager 2021 | New Headline Features | #FM21 Out Nov 24


No more waiting, #FM21 feature information is here with this headline feature showcase, delivered by life-long FM fan #SpencerFC who sheds more light on this year’s key feature areas.

FM21’s new additions and game upgrades put all of the focus on you, delivering new levels of depths and drama through improvements to these key areas:

End of Season

More information will arrive on October 19th with our headline feature blogs, diving into much more detail, laced with gameplay screenshots. What are you most looking forward to getting your hands on?

FM21 is coming November 24th, pre-purchase now for 10% off and early access, participating digital retailers only –

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  1. OmerHomer says

    It looks so good! I will buy it for sure!

  2. 헬츠 says

    i want to play fm2022 already now

  3. NONAME says

    I love these new features! But, I would really like to play ‘as’ a real life manager. that would be great.

  4. Mark Michael says

    I'm all in for the season review nd all the other stuff. The social media platform is shite, engine still looks shitty. I mean at this stage of fm, I'm tired of having 30 plus shots on target in a match, only to have 2-3 goals. Would love a quick sim were u get to see only goals in a match, instead of watching your attackers miss 10's of 1v1 chances in a match.Just cut the repetition and do what we love fm for. Really tired of playing 3-4 seasons nd the only interesting thing is the wonderkid you got.

  5. Stasevich ZED Racing says

    We need 3d graphic from FM 2015 or 2017. Since Fm2018 pitch is awful..

  6. Ra18SJ says

    women's football?? 🤔

  7. Tegan Christopher says

    What about football manager mobile


    Add ps4 next year

  9. QWERTYOP80 says

    I’m not your mate

  10. Ki co says

    It's like a dlc for 40$

  11. Lorenzo Molisso says

    Hi everyone, can you guys tell me if I will be able to run FM2021 on a Pc with an i7 3770, Ram of 16Gb and Intel graphics HD 2500? Thank you!

  12. Ricky Chandra says

    I want to play as mourinhou..

  13. Pallab says

    Would like too see some new features in the android platform

  14. Steve Clayton says

    This will look diabolical on a 70" Oled. Not what 'next gen' xboxers will be expecting at all. The game hasn't improved graphically in a decade.

  15. Igor Antonov says

    Improve AI of other managers, Match Engine… No! Our headline feature is new screen after season…

  16. TheBrightjay says

    I getting a series x Is this on game pass?

  17. Ivan Marshvez says


  18. Johnathon Gambrell says

    Can not wait got it on pre order 🙌

  19. Soundar Rajan says

    No playstation ??😭😭

  20. Squirrel Lew says

    Can't wait to throw a bottle to my strikers!

  21. Santumukherjee Mukherjee says

    Graphics look like Dream league Soccer mobile 😂

  22. Rattyfus says

    Still no PlayStation. Hmm…

  23. Dezzy Alexander says

    Football Manager "Like Never Before" 21

  24. Jordy says

    Please make the winning of cups and prices more exciting and entertaining on the pitch. Because it feels a bit dead and no excitement after winning cups a few times

  25. Hasan Bulut Aşık says

    We all want Director of Football mode!!!

  26. og15z says

    2:57 Are my eyes deceiving me? Well I'm glad players know how to chip the ball again. In all honestly I won't be buying FM for another 5-10 years since they are just patch updates, like all sports games. Nothing revoluntionary here, just 2-5 new features and updated squads rinse and repeat.

  27. s1kn0t3s says

    This is just a way of saying that nothing has changed other than changing some words and not fixing the fundamental issues wrong with FM20. Don't be taken in it and this guy couldn't be more f'in annoying!!!!

  28. Adrian Lacatus says

    Have been playing FM since CM days and FM 20 was the first iteration I haven't bought since CM3. I was frustrated by the lack of improvements and hoped that FM21 will give me a reason to buy FM again…but from what I see until now, it won't be the case. Hell, match graphics look better on Android games like Dream League Soccer or Soccer Manager. Blobbing some useless features like press conferences won't improve the game in any way.

  29. Barış Keskin says

    you have warmed up the old and put it back in front of us, there is no exciting innovation

  30. james mcdevitt says

    Don’t realy get it I like the director of football recommendations . But from a five star to a one start they recommend the same players

  31. Ruslan Remeev says

    I will buy this game only if it doesn't have a hockey rink instead of a pitch during the winter.

  32. Clementine says

    Is there an option to throw water bottles at particular players? Such as my wingers who tend to shoot into the side netting instead of the more obvious choice of squaring it

  33. Dmitri T. says

    Unbelievable there is 4 "features" for 1 year. What are you doing whole year… Disrespectful.

  34. zucchini says

    Fm18 3.0v???

  35. Luke Phillips says

    when is this out for xbox?

  36. Andi Nur Gustiana says


  37. Will Murrill says


  38. Awesome or random staff says

    Wins champion league * Throw water bottle

  39. Adrian says

    Graphics look exactly the same. Animations are as terrible as ever. Shame 🙁

  40. mp 1000 says

    The best new feature for the FM series would be the arrival of a new competitor. The luck of competition has brought the game to a state of stagnation. The development team is ignoring in an derogatory way the propositions and the feedback from the fm community. The fm 21 new features are simply worthless, they ''improved'' (actually they didnt, they just changed the UI) features that nobody spends a lot of time while playing the game, because these are things that are being handled by the assistant manager. The 3d match engine is not just bad, its embarrassing for the series. Even the LMA manager series has better 3d match engine, and that's a game stopped being released more than a decade ago, if i am not mistaken. Imagine being in a food street market where there's only one fish and chips spot, and instead of improving the product they replace the newspaper sheet, last year they were using 'the Sun' this year they replaced it with 'The Times' .

  41. Tangeni Iiputa says

    I really want FM21

  42. mjgrubert says

    You can complain as much as you want about the match engine, they don't care!Over and over, they made it clear that visualization is not important to them. Just check the feedback thread in their forum. To me, this is ignorance. The core of this game is still great. But for the last decade, it didn´t evolve. If I had to guess, the problem is the clown heading the company and his ridiculous self-celebration of the yearly updates.

  43. Anacro says

    Every year you say improved animations, but just looks like the previous year. Not interested in tedious press conferences no matter how you tart it up. Didn't buy last year's FM and so far this year's doesn't seem like a reason to buy. I've bought most versions since the early days, but I feel it's stagnated now, new things just seem like a new way of doing something that's already in the game. Make the match engine more realistic looking.

  44. Aditya mahadeshwar says

    Is these relevant for mobile fm too

  45. 양쓰 says

    5만원짜리 로스터패치 시발

  46. Luqman says

    if you had spent as much effort in the engine as you did with the interactions, we would have a much much bettter game. when will SI learn that no one cares about the interactions. within a week of playing it will be thrown to the Asst. manager. The current Match Engine resembles nothing of football. it's complete garbage. and based on the video it doesn't look promsing. Headline feature is interactions and body language? this is football manager for FFS.

  47. Emir Tavsan says


  48. Henrik Frederiksen says

    This SI…… is aload of BS…. yes the conversations NEEDED a Big looking over… is one of the areas, where you really fuck up BUT…. not having ANY real improvements in 21 is just not ok…… you are turning into FIFA ( yas i mentioned the dirty word) selling us a reskin but for the same amount as always.. and yes i know you are not charging the same ludicris amount as EA does, but none the less.. it is the same amount as last year, and we are just not getting anyway closer to what most of the community needs to see ingame…. i wish i could down vote it more than one time

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