Fortnite Boss Battle Lobby Music 10 HOURS


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|Fortnite Boss Battle Lobby Music 10 HOURS|
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  1. ThePixelBoy says

    Nice bro =)

  2. McLoser says

    (It's made by NAME MUSIC)

  3. McLoser says

    That's why..

  4. McLoser says

    It's all the bosses noises..

  5. Robert Nabors says

    91 likes no dislikes I see why this is Called boss music.

  6. Maria C Gonzalez says


  7. Maria C Gonzalez says

    a youtuber called this and mae this the youtuber: omg they put my song in fortnite omg i'm in the game

  8. Yungxwiz Destroyer says


  9. lukas santana says

    elo good content

  10. Kathy Hanley says

    Hj dogged

  11. Ricardo Meninzor says

    yoooooo this came out of fortnite man i like the song yo

  12. hippoleg lewa says

    I can't believe they actually added this I listened to it like 6 months ago

  13. Fnaf4Life JUMPSCARE says

    Was this fanmade? Either way it's still really good, imma listen to this in bed tonight lol.

  14. Owen Rosko says

    I bought this

  15. Jenny Collins says


  16. brad says

    I was thr first view

  17. Blazjoe 123 says

    1st for real don’t hate on me. Imonly9

  18. Watts2freshYT Fat man says

    Does he really reply back

  19. Elite Slayer598 says

    This sounds stupid.

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