Fortnite | Herald's Warning Lobby Music (Marvel Music Pack)


FORTNITE Herald’s Warning Lobby Music Season 4 Mavel Music Pack
Herald’s Warning music track Fortnite Battle Royale

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  1. A. Roy says

    Anybody else get an adrenaline rush like the time from Avengers Endgame? I just can't wait for the live event

  2. ashkan kazemi says


  3. Elbor says

    Possible event music?

  4. Kathy Miles says

    Is this new?

  5. Mr. Robot says

    Herald alone wont save us

  6. Aadil Rao says

    epic games made these into lobby ones soon and le vieux pere made it to listen

  7. santiKG16 says

    1:03 a epic part

  8. Alejandro Cayletano says

    Soy acaso el unico que tiene esta musica en la loby?

  9. Efor YT says

    Gives me Disney Infinity vibes imma buy this!

  10. Sean Toons says


  11. Edge says


  12. EduTheGamer09 says

    I feel like this song will be in the live event

  13. PoopityScoop says

    Besides the timing of the event, I can guarantee that this event will be probably the best one we’re gonna get

  14. EvaLiTy_Kkais Mahtallah says

    Tes vidéos sont parfaites bravo

  15. Tyler 2.0 says

    Elle et tro bien

  16. Gwendal The Gamer says

    Epic Music Action Suspense ⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔❤❤❤❤❤🙂🙂🙂✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅

  17. Luke Cullingworth says

    I’m gonna watch the marvel event as a DC skin probs joker

  18. LegendA says

    Is this real?

  19. The Gamer 1103 says

    I really hope this comes to the item shop

  20. y33t factor says

    This sounds like an apex legends song at the beginning

  21. Dancing Cojo says

    event music?

  22. Redstone Gamer109 says

    Wouldnt this be the event music we will hear during the event?

  23. Sci-fiAnimations YT says

    Who thinks this might be in the galactus event

  24. SuperSquid 004 says

    Let's just say that Fortnite season 4 & 5 are both Marvel based. Meaning more Marvel stuff or something.

  25. ignacio contreras says

    Nada supera el soundtrack de gladiator

  26. Chris game says

    mon pseudo super sonic3160 sans majuscule

  27. timepro bg says

    Man this sound like the end music

  28. Ducky bitch says

    I think that Next seasons theme îs Gonna be DC or another marvel One cause it Said to be continued in sezon 5 soo i think they arent Gonna do a christmas battle pass:/

  29. Exotic Potato Genesis Umbrella says

    I like how some parts are 90% close to the avengers theme but then just shift into something else

  30. oddboi23 says

    Do people not realise?
    This is a remix of the Comic Book screen music!

  31. iiOPG_HWD2 says

    My favourite music pack

  32. Phoenix Warrior24 says

    I hope it'll be free for people who watch the event, which is gonna be sick. CAN'T WAIT

  33. Pidju says

    c'est la meme musique qu'on entend en lisant la bd

  34. shantan aditya says

    Dude I got goosebumps

  35. Antguy says

    Now to miss the event by 5 hours

  36. girozx26 el ninja says

    Gente si ese dia del evento final tendremos que luchar contra galaptus tiene que apuntar ala cabeza es su punto debil tienen que avisar a los demas

  37. RyanF7 says

    This is the music of the marvel comic book in the battle pass lounge

  38. JulianTheJedi says

    Is this real?

  39. noname mcloven aka mr.n says

    galactus is not gonna go down easy

    (Edit) all hail galactus the world Devourer

  40. FE4RLESS v2 Rodriguez says
  41. Rokegun :V says

    I'm so hyped for this event, I think this is going to be the best fortnite event

  42. SEBZ BO1 says

    This is 100 percent gonna be the music that plays at the event and in the season 5 battle pass

  43. Sir Bluvus says

    1:58 Wow

  44. Mr Galaxy says

    How do we get that

  45. Dread Angel says

    If the music is THIS good, imagine the actual, uncut event version


  46. Jeff, Thy meme Overlord says

    I want the black hole ambient music from season x

  47. Steven TheYoshi says

    This music pack soundtrack on its own gets me so hyped for this event

  48. hallowed spy says

    fantastic bro 10/10

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