French police raid homes of health minister and other top officials in COVID-19 probe


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French police have searched the homes of top government officials as part of an inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic. Just a day before, French President Emmanuel Macron said Paris and eight other major cities would be placed under a night-time curfew, as infections surge.

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  1. Mohmee Gaik says

    The real measures include solidarity and cohesion of all citizens like other countries who are trying to lower infection rate.

  2. Nilesh Bhattacharya says

    Western and usa were same mind. They cannot speak truth 🙏

  3. Venkat Ramana Koduri says


  4. Muhd Khairi says

    The west should learn from China on how to produce a virus.. 😂😂

  5. Handel Nuremberg says

    More of this please! The entire 99% needs to destroy the UN and their puppets

  6. BC says

    A gift from China! Enjoy!

  7. thndrngest says

    This is a real life learning lesson for the world, you either humbly learn this lesson and move on, or face the bitter ongoing consequences.

  8. ForAmerican says

    French is making the same mistake by listening to Trump.

  9. Passi Flower says

    I should be world 🌍 President

  10. Andy Zhang says

    When will they arest, 🍊🐽 and pomelo

  11. Lotus-eater says

    Don't forget Macron's villas.

  12. Imperfection Guaranteed says

    The 'inquiry' is asking the wrong questions!

  13. 中華傲訣 says

    Drastic cases requires drastic measures. Absolutely agree with what China is doing in containing the virus. Actually China do it in the extreme and only she can test millions of citizens , but how do they do it? Only if there is discipline in the people , could they rally the people in following the orders?

  14. ePALPAL says

    Health should come before wealth. What is the point in having wealth when you don't have health! If you lose wealth you can always regain it but if you lose your health all the money in the world would not be able to restore your health.

  15. Terry Westmorland says

    What the hell? Live in the West, live in fear.

  16. Heather Larson says

    Individualism and liberalism are the root cause of all suffering in Europe. This model enables social division, especially politically. Considering the government as their supreme enemy in western mentality is really beyond my imagination. If not the government, then who would lead the society? Tech giants like Google and FB? Or some Think Tanks, who are influenced by certain privileged groups?

  17. Max Sweetman says

    The west should learn from China they are over it up and running going from strength to strength, why, because people come before money

  18. Nettowākugēmā says

    2 wave of virus is coming

  19. Ian H. says

    It’s clear 🇨🇳 is terrified of Trump’s imminent re-election. 4 more soon…

  20. Sheeple are Lame says

    They should've arrested & locked Macron up, for purposely mishandling Covid-19!

  21. #TeamFlash says

    Now this is news ☺️

  22. Lee Ping Butchoi says

    Xitler might be affected by the Wuhan virus because he's coughing repeatedly in the latest Shenzen event.

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