Full Short Movie 2020 |Duvidha || Navjovan Entertainment presents | Heart Touching Short Movie


Duvidha || Navjovan Entertainment presents | Heart Touching Short Movie -2020 | Released October 2020

Short Movie Name – Duvidha ( Real Inspired By Incident After Lockdown

Executive Producer and Promotion: Dr. Navraj Chohan

Producer : Harminder Chohan
Executive Producer: Dr. Navraj Chohan

Singer/ Lyrics/Composer 👉 Harminder Chohan

D.O.P : Shelly Dhiman

Artist Name’s : Manish laller , Karam Kaur , Komal Pahuja,

Editor : Harmeet S. Kalra

Assistant Director : Sachin Padam

Make-up : Khusbu khan

Production Manager : Chandan

Design by : Hidden Hero

Written And Directed by : John

Label 👉 Navjovan Entertainment

Company Contact 👉 +1 (818) 648-5100

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  1. Manmeet4you says

    Loved the performances

  2. arti mahendru says

    Heart touching story 💗👌

  3. nishka says

    hi Mamu moksh Suryavanshi mamu

  4. PB 37 studio says


  5. Rahulpreet singh says

    Good message for those who don't understand with poor class families

  6. Raman Pandit says


  7. Raman Pandit says

    Heart touching

  8. Raman Pandit says


  9. Raman Pandit says


  10. dazzledancetroupepro says

    All Duvidha team 2 congrats this is blast.

  11. nishu sharma says

    😭😭😭😭😢😢 Heart touching♥️♥️♥️

  12. Manoj Kumar says

    Very nice movie 👏👏👏👏👌👌👌

  13. harry singh says

    Gud job karam n all duvida team💐

  14. shanty kanwer says

    Congratulations Guys ,Rocking Performance by whole team “DUVIDA” Best wishes Johan Munish Shelly Karm kaur Sachin n Harmeet bro ❤️🎬✌🏻

  15. Amar Singh says

    Nice inpired vedio manu ji

  16. Ravinder Choudhary says

    Awesome work Best of luck .padam Bhai

  17. Monu Nagpal Media director says

    Maneesh laller bro u r the greatest

  18. PUNJAB ਟੈਲੇਂਟ says

    Is tra de hor full move banno ji

  19. PUNJAB ਟੈਲੇਂਟ says

    Best wishes to all teams members

  20. PUNJAB ਟੈਲੇਂਟ says

    Really hurt touching story

  21. Sky Tonk says

    I was getting very emotional while watching. Superb and heart touching story, great job John and others.

  22. Akasha Irfan says


  23. Bhavya Rocks says

    Very heart touching story,emotional and real story, God bless u munish bro and all your team

  24. Sharvi 7th A1 17 says

    Really a heart touching story

  25. Judgebir Singh says

    Good sister 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. Amritdeep Kul says

    Superb movie…😇😇Very heartouching movie..Karam kaur di acting bhut vadia lgi…👌👌👌👌

  27. shooter entertainment says

    Its very emotional story of labour class people, how they survive without money and food during the lockdown. This film is the mirror of tough time of lockdown.

  28. Ranjit Singh says

    👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌hart touching video

  29. Naib Changera says


  30. kapil jamwal says

    Heart touching really…

  31. Abhishek Tripathi says

    Wow…. Ture story it is really happened in this India and many people has died not because of corona but because of lack of food… Very nice direction and the all of caste has worked brilliantly… Specially Manish and karam guys you made this so real ….proud of you Manish…keep up for good work bro…👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️

  32. satnam creationz says


  33. Prince Mehra says


  34. Ravi Thpaa says

    Great job John bhai and your team best of luck 👍

  35. Cute Baby says

    Heart toching story… Litterly i was crying to watch this…karam u done well as well whole team….

  36. Arjun Singh says

    What a nice direction

  37. Karamjeet Kaur says

    Nice video g 👌👌

  38. karan laller says

    When a story and characters make you emotional that will be real acting. Keep it team "Duvidha" you guy's actual show the feel of this bad chapter "Lockdown"Really heartouching

  39. Khyati Arora says

    Its really ❤ touching and good work komal(chakor) keep it up👌

  40. Sandeep Kaur Bhullar says

    too good …..heart touching ……superb……keep it up……

  41. Ricky Chopra says

    Waah Bahut Badia Bahut he Achha Concept and Sarkar k muh par sahi tamacha maara hai

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