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OUT NOW! Xbox 360 Marketplace link:

Help Hoodie Girl defeat the evil MediaBall!
*2-Player co-op
*Online High Scores
*Only the finest, screwball shoot’em up for you!
-How do you find Xbox Live Indie Games on your Xbox 360? (Fall 2011)
–Scroll to the right till you get to the Games tab.
–Select the Game Marketplace tile (in the lower left).
–Scroll to the right to the Games tab (a different one).
–Select the “Game Type” tile.
Find the Game Type game in the Indie Game section.

Or you can do a Bing Search on “Game Type”.

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  1. Not Ben Stiller says

    I like the part where she says 'PARKOUR!'

  2. ccricers says

    XBLIG cannot access cloud save storage, have achievements, or leaderboards without some peer-to-peer hacks that only work if someone is playing the game non-stop. It's not just being hidden in the dashboard that the indie games are getting screwed over.

  3. JackLeDnat says

    I'm not able to download this, but I'm able to download other indie games just fine. CENSORSHIP. I DECLARE CENSORSHIP.

  4. Dae19832454 says

    Game is fun but really, Game> Game Market place > Games > Game Type> Indie Games.

    Not hard to find and not worth crying over like many are.

  5. I’ll will purchase & support this.
    I don’t care what new features the Xbox has, the new damned dashboard is a cluttered mess of adverts where my things have been shoved to the side in order to make room for adverts & shit I don’t need, want or use. It doesn’t feel like my console anymore, it feels like their website that I have the privilege of buying & paying for to use. Fuck you Microsoft.

  6. SummerWave says

    @mrsoultwister You're the one who just said "just don't reply". If you don't want people to reply to you, then don't make dumbass comments on the internet. Now go ahead and post another idiotic comment that won't make any sense because you're backed into a corner with no real argument and all you can say is "LOL ROFL…ME STUPID!"

  7. ToneSim says

    @morningproject and get off my lawn while you're at it, lol.

  8. SummerWave says

    @mrsoultwister If you don't want people to reply…just don't comment in the first place.

  9. SummerWave says

    @mrsoultwister Ummm…you're the one who posted the first comment of this "conversation". Perhaps you should take your own advice and do something thinking of your own, genius.

  10. SummerWave says

    @mrsoultwister Then don't buy this game and make your ass fatter with cookies. No one cares, dude.

  11. morningproject says

    @xcatalyst And if you don't like America, then you should get out. Or, you know, something.

  12. ToneSim says

    i think that if he's this upset about how indies are treated then he should abandon ship and try his hand at the console accessible indie development platforms for ps3 and wii…… you know, the nonexistent ones. he's trashing a company that let sonething like this and "the red ring of death" pass certification. way to stunt indie growth, MS :/

  13. OshMMf says

    Man I hope that the Indie devs get their voices heard and that Microsoft fixes the horrid dashboard…

  14. NevecLP says

    Lol classic. The new dashboard is horrible.

  15. iBuzz7S says

    @mrsoultwister A lot of people said the same thing about Minecraft being a crap game. Notch's bank account says otherwise.

  16. YT Watcher says

    I saw this on Shacknews now I have to get it. Haha!

  17. sokaynet says

    This is so friggin brilliant. "Single Guy in a Chair" on RRT. HAHAHAHA!!

  18. SummerWave says

    @mrsoultwister You're right…you don't get it. This game is mocking Microsoft and their new dashboard that's more ads than functionality. It's also mocking the fact that the new dashboard has made it even harder to find the indie game section now. And as for who would pay for this? It's only $1.

  19. ciox says


  20. TechRyze says

    Fantastic. Bought.

  21. Luis965 says

    I get it ;P

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