Gary Rowett's UNSTOPPABLE performance & close Top Bins for Josh Widdicombe ⚡| Soccer AM Pro AM


Oldham fans take on the Soccer AM Pro AM with help from Gary Rowett and Josh Widdicombe.

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  1. Chris Green says

    bald fella was happy lol

  2. Keenan Smith says

    He's just a prick isn't he

  3. MrJaynash says

    Unpopular opinion but I actually like fenners as the host

  4. SenorCrazylegs says

    6:35 We're all going to ignore that crushing fist bump fail then?

  5. Dan R says

    Fenners is the bellend that Liam Gallagher would be if he wasn’t famous

  6. Lorenzo Tassoni says

    Stop wearing Stone Island

  7. Jackaljkljkl says

    Birmingham would have fired him again after this performance.

  8. mrgeorge118 says

    I've never known such a disliked TV presenter. Get Adam Johnson presenting, he's got more fans.

  9. Nayme says

    “ not unlucky, awful! “ feelsbad

  10. walker008 says

    I hate that time wasting of fenners.

  11. Tom Kirby75 says

    Clearly not unstoppable if he couldn't score a free kick in 4 tries.

  12. Hanzala Shaheri says


  13. Harvey Thomas says

    On the one on one all you could hear was Garry grunting 😂😂😂

  14. mab m says

    lloyd pulled away. he had that last pen.

  15. Gary Jones says

    Fkinell just of the still pic I thought this was capaldi

  16. Jackhandsley 10 says


  17. bigboy123 - says

    obligatory fenners is a bellend comment

  18. JC_ LloydMO7 says

    Fenders fashion on point every week

  19. Daniel Gillespie says

    Mr. Lord !! 🤣

  20. Zopplinc says

    When did Mark Wahlberg go bald?

  21. Camera and Film Creations says

    Fenners dresses like Liam Gallagher then they play oasis. Coincidence?

  22. Karl Milham says

    UNSTOPPABLE until the free kick stage

  23. David Amor says

    Dullest contestants ever

  24. sian aslam says

    6:37 the guy in the glasses got pied

  25. ssln__153 says


  26. CommonHuman says

    I wish everyone believed in their own talent as much as fenners does….. incredibly average humour, yet he thinks hes the funniest thing around.

  27. mmmyeah7 says

    7:16 what a bellend

  28. Tommy Jackson says


  29. Gary Newton says

    Listen very closely at 2.21 there is a ghost saying huvi lol

  30. JS 22 says


  31. SmallPPGang says

    Wish that guy would take his hands out his pockets

  32. HWG 10IAR says

    Someone slap the guy in the stoney for me pls.

  33. Jordan Henshall says

    Does that bald prick in the burgundy top ever smile? Miserable bastard.

  34. Bruno Bucciarati says

    Am I the only one that heard that sound at 1:14?

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