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Having fun during an indoor racing event organized by MRP. I had much more better footage, but unfortunatelly I broke my gopro and even broke SD card in half during hard mid air collision ….. so lost about 80% of footage of that day.

The last part of the footage has some oscillations, but that was pretty much at the end of the day where everything started to fall apart after a few pretty hard mid airs :(. You can hear all kind of noises from the quad. I need to check the motor bells as well.

Inimini 180
HQ 4x4x3
CM2204 2300kv
UBAD 30Amp (F390 ESC)
Tattu 1300 75C
GP4 Black

Source: https://surnativa.com
Read more all post Racing : https://surnativa.com/racing/
  1. herve pellarin says

    i am so happy to see that i am a never ending source of inspiration for you bro :))))))) well done!

  2. Camshaft Shaft says


  3. Reg Feener says

    Crazy fun..Big skills..

  4. chrisquez7/CXQ says

    you are the best!

  5. HotSticks FPV Schule says

    perfect dude! nothing more to say!

  6. Burak Solmaz says

    Thank you for Betaflight, I use on my quad and very happy with it. Life-saving thing 🙂 When I changed the probs or battery it is very relaxing me cause I dont have to trying to setup Pids. It will ensure the participation of many people 's to this hobby

  7. FPV Freestyle Nation: Wings, Drones, Quadcopters and more says

    any way to interview you and get some questions in??

  8. Stace Baker says

    Hey man. Thanks for BETA! Its fantastic. A bunch of us on Facebook in the MQC want to get you something for christmas. Need anything? Sent you a PM with a link to the thread. Thanks again sir!

  9. Eric says

    great spot 🙂

  10. KiryaSka says

    very VERY nice

  11. Oliver Shapiro says

    +Boris B. Hey I was just wondering if you could possibly do a quick tutorial on what pids are and what each do and how to adjust? Just got a new racer(I am new to the bigger quads).

  12. TeamOnTheTop says

    What is the best esc on the Marked? Little Bee or kiss30A ?
    Thanks alit for the Answere

  13. RS says

    Amazing skilz!

  14. Angela Jacques says

    This is freaking amazing!

  15. TeamOnTheTop says

    Awsome but i have to ask one more question. I heard thet cobra 2300kv motors lose there magnets in cold eviroments is that trouh? Thanks aliot kep it up!!!!

  16. Oenta FPV says

    awesome Boris, shame about the gp4 though. You have insurence?

  17. Frank Wu says

    Awesome!!!! Like it!!

  18. LgRc85 says


  19. Torbjörn Andersson says

    Nice <3

  20. MeesterDDM says

    I love the song "my head is a jungle" beneath this song but which remix is it? Anyone got a link?

  21. Ruben Hofs says

    We tried that @ Coronel in Huizen.. No way near as fast as you 😉

  22. Inventado Seguro says

    Awesome! Really nice! And a little bit intimidating for someone that is just starting ;P (but dont misunderstand me… tons of props ready to be wasted!

  23. Vanblade says

    awesome idea! looking for some Uk outside kart venues next.

  24. Harley FPV says


  25. OldDude says

    Thats a great Idea …..FPV racing On a Cart Track
    Awesome man ……WiPeout XXlllll 🙂

  26. Tom Smith FPV says


  27. miguellh fpv says

    Good and fast race!!!

  28. Robin Milissen says

    so nice and smooth flying

  29. Nilsen F. says

    Go Boris! 🙂

  30. benllben says

    Great flying!
    What version of the song is this? I am not able to find this remix anywhere.

  31. Alexander Roelofs says

    Some guys showed me a DVR footage from the event earlier on saturday.
    Prety bad i thought.. but sort of doable..

    Yesterday evening i spotted your video on the kart track in Adam.
    Just awesome, nice and smoothly, fast, good editing and the music! 🙂

    (Tried out betaflight for the first time indoors last sunday, realy good job on that one!)

    Keep it on! 🙂

  32. SYN FPV says

    Wicked fast. Killin' it.

  33. Cinequads says

    booooooom =) you guys are way to fast ! love it

  34. michael lee says

    use the force Boris, use the force

  35. RC Junkie says

    Awesome, Fabulous, Spectacular, Stupendous, Excellence, Marvelous, Amazing, Wonderful, Astounding, Extremely Impressive… That all I've got. LOL

  36. FPVology says

    BORIS B! you're the man

  37. vegetoast1 says

    shhweet !!

  38. Krazy FPV says

    sweet track, looks like a fun place to fly

  39. JibberFPV says

    Yeah! What a cool location. Whish this were possible near my town. But there you wouldn't want to crash or have a good insurance 😜

  40. Bill Sheley says


  41. Minty FPV says

    Great flying. Maybe one day for me!!

  42. blackbirdboy1 says

    Super sweet!!!

  43. LSP says

    Looks like really fun times Boris! We were doing the same thing last week, but cant post the footage yet. Did you get my message about the IR module?

  44. JamDan says

    Interesting place to fly 🙂

    How do you rate the UBAD 30Amp (F390 ESC)?

  45. Someone says

    I really look forward to ever fly at lest once with you guys.
    But before I even learned to fly I was dumb enough to try to catch my quad when it was flying towards an window on my third-ever flight. Even my not-overpowered build (dys 1806 motors + 12a esc's) gave me 9 stitches and half-senseless thumb- it did cut deep enough to tear a few nerves. So no flying for a few months…

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