Habits you can start TODAY! *healthy & happy*


Some of my FAVORITE healthy & happy habits to incorporate into my days! Become a Fabletics VIP Member + get 2 leggings for $24:

Hydro flask:
Foam Body Roller:
Oli Pop:
Better Booth:
La croix:
Bluelight Glasses:


by trees and lucy

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  1. Emma says

    Claudia gives me life envy

  2. Sapir Oved says

    Love this content!

  3. Cherry Blossom says

    Please make a makeover video on Finneas does your voice cover. Pls it would be sooo funny

  4. lindstorff says

    This was such a nice video. And for some reason really calming 😀

  5. Annaliese S says

    Where’s that house tour thoooo

  6. Ivette Gonzalez says

    as soon as I noticed the necklace my brain went: “~you’re an angel in disguise~” 👁👄👁

  7. MK H says

    I needed this thx✨💕✨

  8. Anna Tu says

    this is why Claudia is still my fave youtuber after all these years. so happy I came across your channel 7 yrs ago. u are my biggest inspo!

  9. Razan Maaita says

    You are give us a lot off important advice so I wanna give advice don't cut your hair you are so much beautiful with tall hair

  10. Reid Tapp says

    where is the white chair from at 4:26, I LOVE it

  11. hxso says

    Ok you nailed the workout clothes to sponsorship transition. It was so smooth. 👌🏼

  12. Jonathan Ramos says

    claudia is so gorgeous 😍

  13. Bri h says

    yes more vids like this please!

  14. Leticia Martinez says

    Hi Claudia just wanted to say that your beautiful and amazing!

  15. Madalena Vairinhos says

    Make more videos like this.

  16. McPiano says

    Claudia just convinced me to buy a water bottle for $60…. Is this a healthy habit? 😅

  17. Madison x says

    This is why I love Claudia. This video motivated me and I'd love to see more like this.

  18. Milica Stanković says

    Claudia be like: exercises every day
    Me: in the bed, eating chips and relaxing 😌

  19. Samantha Donashi Trinidad Sánchez says

    Goals for 2021: Meet Claudia Sulewski

  20. Samantha Donashi Trinidad Sánchez says

    Claudia, make more videos like this because they serve a lot and you really start doing all these habits or at least most of them and you really feel a change in fact you even feel better about yourself

    Thanks for all these tips, I admire you a lot you are a great person

  21. Oli Jones says

    More!!! Please

  22. Angela Stanley says

    Claudia you inspire me so much! I love watching your videos! Your dedication to always putting out the best content is truly inspiring and makes me want to be better and do better. Thank you!

  23. Claire Finlayson says

    please do more vids like these this was so helpful

  24. Mz says

    Who has a daily average of over 7 hours ! 👁👄👁

  25. Alondra Campa says

    If I start doing something and recording for accountability will anyone watch it if I upload it on to YouTube? I’ll watch y’all do yours!

  26. Maxbuba Maqamedova says

    When she says jazz
    Me: She is ma girl

  27. Logan Milisits says

    does anyone else think Claudia should cut her hair to her shoulders, IT WOULD LOOK SO CUTE!

  28. Caroline Hoke says

    her voice is so soothing and just relaxes me I can’t explain it

  29. Taylor A says

    Claudia, your videos never cease to amaze me. The effort and thought that so evidently goes into your work is extremely appreciated by your viewers- whether that be your editing or ideas in general. I knew clicking on this video that your tips would genuinely positively affect my life instead of basic or unattainable tips that just made me feel more unmotivated. Thank you for what you do. I am very proud to be a long time subscriber of yours ☺️

  30. Nimzm says

    You really have a deep insight or develop a deeper and different perspective on things which makes it easier to deal with bigger battles and I really hope you make longer videos similar to this which genuinely help people. Thank you

  31. Paiton perez says

    More habit videos please forever

  32. Rachel Taylor says

    girl this was so helpful thank you


    I really want to watch more video like this I LOVE YOU

  34. Ingel Mikk says

    Where can I find your cooking playlisttt?

  35. mimo says

    There's been lots of research suggesting blue light glasses are just a marketing scam and are in fact just placebo

  36. Tayla says

    The fact that Claudia screen time is 3 hours and 50 minutes is a huge flex.

  37. Malea Brown says

    "You can read so many pages in 25 min"
    My dyslexia: "lol try again"

  38. chandler jean says

    I've been wanting to get a pair of blue light glasses

  39. GalitNadia says

    Yes please, more video's like this, thank you Claudia, needed this! X

  40. BeHappy says

    When you watch the whole video and forget to take notes. Oh well now I have to watch it again. #sorrynotsorry 😅

  41. Fedona M says

    do more pleaseeeeeeeeee

  42. Emma says

    How does she always look so radiant 😭

  43. Laura Otero says

    Can we talk about how amazing Claudia looks?

  44. Anga Gogela says

    Yes More Please!!!🙋‍♂️

  45. Lydia is so done says

    Every video Claudia makes never fails to make me smile. Her videos are my peace haha

  46. siwar bc says

    I really loved your advices. Right when i need them 💜 thank you for always being positive but also realistic and not overwhelming. You're so considerate you actually make me feel better!! I'll try out the last one ( 3 sings that i'm greatful for )

  47. siwar bc says

    New video from Claudia. I'm blessed 💜

  48. Kenzie Minnich says

    Claudia deserves all the things in life.

  49. Elizabeth Murphy says

    honestly even leggings and a hoodie is a big difference between sweatpants and a hoodie

  50. Kirkland says

    Why are people so obsessed with happiness? It’s unhealthy to be happy all the time. I just wish Claudia would be a bit more real and talk about other real world things

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