Haikyuu x Kuroko no Basketball Reacts! •Part 4• Read DES


Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed!

Sorry this was late! Please keep in mind that I have school. I’m also loosing motivation for this series. So, if this video gets 800 likes 👍, I’ll continue and make part 5. Thank you for understanding!

If you want to watch the other episodes here’s the playlist! Unfortunately, part 2 got copyrighted…🤦‍♀️but enjoy!
Link :

None of the edits or AMVs are mine and all credit goes to the creators!
Haikyuu AMV:

Kuroko no Basketball AMV:

Kise Edit:

Oikawa Edit:

None of the audio is mine as well!

I also credit all Haikyuu scenes and Kuroko no Basketball scenes to the rightful owners!

Apps used:
Gacha Club
Ibis Paint

Based on the poll in my community tab…I will do Pro Heroes React to future (Bnha) next!

If you read the description, comment “XD yellow bears” and people who didn’t read it will have no idea what you are talking about lol

Thank you for watching! Have a great day! Take care and stay safe! ❤️

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  1. Unicorn JC says

    XD yellow bears :3 Tehe

  2. justjouko says

    i ditched a commentary video for this but it was worth it 🤩

  3. Eevee Killer says

    Could you have them react to number 24 and Free!! And please check out the anime prince of strideHave a good day and anybody else that reads this also plus ultra ✊✊✊✊

  4. NIGHTMARE 06 says

    thank you creator-chan~luv this very much!!>_<

  5. Vitoria ferreira says

    It would be funny the reaction of Oikawa and Kise when they see that they get a ball in the head by their teammates (Iwa-cha and Yukio-senpai)

  6. Meila Ormephous says

    The funny thing is the first AMV Hinata was always hit by a ball…

  7. I love anime and gacha life says

    I was waiting for this I k ow I'm late but I want to say that i love you videos so 3

  8. Animeisbettertthanlife says


  9. Tooru S¡mpp says

    Im late 😔✋Love the vid tho 👉👈

  10. ANIME UWU.!.! says

    Great job 👌👌🌸🌸💖💖

  11. Nelson Freya says

    05:08 has the best 😍💖❤️ 💋💝

  12. Deku :p says


  13. Shannon Youtuber says

    I love sm haikyuu X knb

  14. ㄒ卄卂ㄒ_山ㄖㄩㄥᗪ•乃ę•爪ë says

    This series is my life

  15. BlueBlood DemonWolf says

    Part 5 pls

  16. Jordan Zhang says


  17. Angela the killer says

    Part 5 please

  18. Hinata Boke says


  19. MS gamer GIRL says

    glad u made a video i was bored

  20. Roblox Gamer says

    I'm first

  21. Camryn Sylvestre says

    ✨Yess I have been waiting for this✨

  22. •Bēanz• says

    3rd uwu

  23. Roblox Gamer says

    Cool intro

  24. • NightmareDemon • says

    I’ve been waiting for this 😀

  25. Alexa ;-; says


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