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  1. Sian Flanagan says

    Please give make

  2. Melissa Gormley says

    I'm in north the nirlland

  3. luke franklin says


  4. Russell Leighton says

    Fenners not wasting time or wearing a Stoney for once

  5. dudes tv says

    It was definitely a penalty

  6. Freestyle Duos says

    Do you guys play in London and what day and where do you have your next game I would love to have a pic with you I watch all your videos

  7. deanmcg2010 tiktok says

    I’ve played there once

  8. deanmcg2010 tiktok says

    Crusaders stadium

  9. deanmcg2010 tiktok says

    At 0:22 was that seaview stadium

  10. Reece And Cormac Content says

    Soccer Am had a good game a hashtag win get in there lovely lads👍

  11. Lilly Boswell says

    Chris M.D.

  12. J77hd Boom says

    Hashtags team is good but there worst player is spencer/the captain

  13. Cal W-M says

    Definitely a pen

  14. hamzee time says

    I love soccer am it's so good

  15. zara hampton says

    There is no fan's

  16. Jimmy Quinlan says

    Will you ever put yourself midfield

  17. Hazel Brydon says

    no penalty

  18. Duke E says

    It was not a penalty

  19. Blake Hierons says


  20. James Harvey says

    It was a pen 🐧:-)

  21. #L T S says

    Phil Martin should start

  22. Joker Josh central says

    That was a goal for hashtag

  23. Daniel JB says

    It should have been 6-2

  24. Daniel JB says

    It should have been 4-2

  25. Daniel JB says

    Well done Rich Beck

  26. Daniel JB says

    Finally a penalty

  27. Daniel JB says


  28. Archie Keeper says

    Wheres Charlie morley

  29. Conor Henry says


  30. mark cadogan says

    I want to play for hashtag united

  31. Callum Haigh says

    Play Halifax FC

  32. Shadab ahmed says

    Yes we do

  33. relatable knob says

    irish boys where u at 🍀💚🆙

  34. TheKung24 Boss says


  35. Andrea Carruthers says

    Cool video

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