Haskins Gets A Superstar X Factor Scenario! Madden 21 Washington Football Team Franchise Ep.36


We’re back with episode 36 in our Washington Football Team Franchise and today is a pretty big episode as we get a breakout qb scenario chance with Dwayne Haskins and not only that but we also get a SS dev breakout scenario with our wide receiver Steven Sims!

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  1. TristanDaOne says

    Was this episode not streamed? Or did I miss it?

  2. Savage224 Gaming says

    7:36 *voice crack*

  3. Ryan Beierle says

    Don’t get me wrong i eventually ended up watching the rest of the video but when I saw the breakout for Haskins I was hyped, then the interception and yt was closed faster than ever

  4. Bradley Parish says

    Noti gang, late again😅

  5. Justin Taylor says

    Day one of asking to do a legendary kicker blast form the past

  6. YMG-Retros says

    Wait.. what happened to the lions game that I know for a fact I already watched…

  7. Dbakes says

    the Evasive ability is juke box and spin cycle combined

  8. Flow Simpson says

    You should do a flash back roster franchise with 2007 rosters from toots maggots and then draft and reshape the league, he has draft classes all the way until 2012 and uploads a new class each week, its interesting, and its alot of fun I tried it myself.

  9. StormingCobra55 2.0 says

    Day 19 of helping Michael Y get Jerome to move Gandy-Golden to linebacker.

  10. Dbakes says

    The only reason Hubbard fumbled at 28:54 is because you started celebrating for a second

  11. ThatBro _JoJo says

    Wait you’ve always been able to change players ability without doing all that other stuff? 😂

  12. Ethan Raudenbush says


  13. Luis Mercado says

    Please don’t bench Chubba, secure that OROY.

  14. Telecaster 21 says

    The Chuba-Train🚅
    The Ross-Pain👊

    I'd add another one but I could only find two fitting rhymes☹

  15. J Reggy says

    Plz do more London bulldogs

  16. Robert Pacheco says

    Next season if there is one trade for alvin

  17. Evan Smith says

    31:55 pulled a Metcalf

  18. Nick 1997 says

    Talk about a choke scenario by Jerome

  19. Evan Smith says

    24:00 thats what she said

  20. Evan Smith says

    Just wait till next episode #Robinson4starter #tradehaskinstothejets

  21. Jackson Smith says

    "I farted, it felt good"
    – Jeromepkr 2020

  22. Asiankid says

    "Did Desean just pull another Desean"
    -JeromePKR 2020

  23. Giant Communist rubber ducky says

    Are we gonna get a Dwayne “no longer superstar development” Haskins now

  24. Alexander Marsh says

    Petition to add Legendary X-Factor to madden

  25. KingSAWMaster says

    Run more

  26. KingSAWMaster says

    Bruh you dum what is that interception

  27. KingSAWMaster says

    Make gandy-golden a linebacker

  28. KingSAWMaster says

    I’m a eagles fan so I’m garbage

  29. LucarioMario What if's says

    Your welcome jerome I liked and bam 2 breakout scenarios

  30. Donovan says

    The lower the cpu fumble sliders the easier it is for you to force fumbles.

  31. Quinn Buseman says

    If only we got this haskins in real life smh

  32. Donovan says

    When is Chubba Hubbard's dev gonna be revealed?

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