1. CowManuver says

    I really like the simplicity of the video, and how you just cut to the scene of everything prepped. Gave some different options for how to go about the broth. I'd love to see more!

  2. Llda Schelhase says

    This is the same as sitting in my living room and looking out into the kitchen. Camera not close enough so found this to be very boring.

  3. Graham Wellington says

    I somewhat reluctantly bought a 4qt crock-pot a few hours ago, even though I heard somewhere that minerals and vitamins get cooked out using said devices. Do you know the definitive answer (I googled it but could not find the answer)? Thanks for the vid, I did Subscribe.:-)

  4. GB Kremer says

    Hi, Do you have any shopping lists anywhere for the meals you're using? Love the ideas of healhy, low glycemic crock pot meals but short on planning time right now.

  5. Marianela_1976 says

    hi im new at your channel and immlooking forward to learn how to practice healthy eating for me and my fam. thanks for this video. i subscribed .

  6. Sunshine Ray says

    hello, loved your video. you should definitely make more. I know this was your first one and it was incredible for a first but may I suggest a different angle that way may we can see everything closer and better. you're too far and maybe everyone here kept up but I had to pause a couple of times because you're super fast.

  7. Health News says

    Great recipe. Would look to see outcome as well. =)

  8. Rosanne Hood says

    Great information – however I'd like the specific link to the recipes on your website.  Thanks!

  9. D Newell says

    For heavens sake, put a microphone near you. The echo in your home makes the video useless audio wise.

  10. - Boss says

    I cant think of eating anything other than chicken/turkey because the effect of red meat (cancer). Is this justified Anna, do you eat lots of red meat still.

  11. Jeff Andersen says

    Dr Anna, been reading quite a bit about Glyphosate (RoundUp herbicide) and how it can devastate the human gut flora. (See Dr Stephanie Seneff's work). Glyphosate is abundant in cattle & pig feed. Organic grass fed beef seems the best way to go, or cutting way down on meat altogether. What is your opinion ?  Thank you

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