Home Opener Came Down To THIS Shot 😱 | NCAA Basketball 10 Howard Dynasty


Welcome to the very first episode of the Howard University Bison basketball rebuild Dynasty!! We will be attempting to turn this well known Historically Black University into a National Basketball POWERHOUSE!!
Bench Warmer Puts The Team On His Back!! | NCAA Basketball 10 Howard Dynasty


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Difficulty: All American

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  1. Cooper Hill says

    Let’s go nice win. The sims were not really in our favor but that’s ok.

  2. Josh Zumaya says

    We need a nasty center to grab all them rebounds.

  3. Connor LaGrone says

    Montez was my player of the game. Led the team in assists, 2nd in rebounding and 3rd in scoring as the PG? Beastly

  4. HBFLG Blanco says

    That’s crazy, I live in High Point, NC

  5. Johnny Manziel isn't a bust says

    Can you play Xavier one year

  6. Humphrey McGito says

    Heart stopping last look at the basket. Lol

  7. JCar4life ManCity4Life says

    Let's goo loving this series!!!! Keep getting them W's!!👍👍

  8. Von Jackson says

    I'm from K.C.Mo.. I've been to UMKC games back in the days they've never been good. Lol

  9. BulochJake says

    Chicago bears franchise. 👁👄👁

  10. Kevin Feig says

    For the next episode, I think you should play the game against St Peters because they had the best record in real life in the 2009-2010 season so it should be the best of those three games.

  11. Joseph Spratley says

    Team doing pretty good love it

  12. DamoneJ says

    Get You Some Rest Homie

  13. Kevin Feig says

    THIS SERIES IS DA BOMB BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Carson Moore says

    Dope new series. Looking like the next HT series.

  15. JaceOlsonGames says

    Best ncaa youtuber out there

  16. Tonio says

    Lmao there are absolutely no dunks in this game

  17. The PS4 Boy says

    Tnj vs uncle sams would be great

  18. Saltybot 54 says

    So happy USRG and TNJ are doing NCAA Basketball 10 dynasties at the same time love the content

  19. LtDansLegs69 says

    This gonna be the new Hawaii tech type series

  20. Antonio Smith says

    I had to look over the video twice to make sure that I got it right but statistically during the simulation games albright dominated in points per minute at the point guard position with the more talented teams. I would start Albright immediately as the game (computer) is telling you he is the overall better player despite the ratings he has. Big love to you and your fam broski and next month I'll get my heisman membership back because I just got a full time job after being laid off by covid-19.

  21. Allen Ray says

    Yo my home town high point.

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