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protein powder recipe | protein shake recipes | homemade weight loss protein powder with detailed photo and video recipe. a unique and essential protein-based recipe made with choice of dry fruits and seeds for weight loss. it is an ideal and handy recipe to have in your pantry which not only helps to lose weight, but also to have a balanced and nutritional diet. it is generally served with a boiling full cream milk, but can also be served with a choice of beverage as per your preference.
protein powder recipe | protein shake recipes | homemade weight loss protein powder with step by step photo and video recipe. weight loss recipes are one of the trending and a must recipe for most of us. most of these are generally a protein-based recipe and skipping carbs in our daily diet. however, these protein sources are chemical compounds and ignore natural source assuming it is impossible to prepare at home. this post is to negate that belief and shows how to make all-purpose homemade weight loss protein powder.

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  1. Hebbars Kitchen says

    Healthy and weightloss recipe for building stamina and muscles!!

    full recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/protein-powder-recipe-protein-shake/

  2. Khushi Rach says

    How often to drink?

  3. Syeda Raheemunnisa says

    Cashews and pistachios help in weight gain?? How & when to take this

  4. Kumar rakesh says

    Itne paise me bahaar se protein powder buy ho jae ga 😂

  5. redknight says

    How about making a healthy weight gain powder? (A request)

  6. Abhishek Mishra says

    This is not at all protein powder

  7. Yoga Lakshmi C S says

    Is it for weight gain ?? 😂
    Lots of cashews and pistachios

  8. Shubha Soni says

    Can we add flax seeds?

  9. 6225 P.Vaishnavi 6G says

    Actually this a very good break fast healthy….

  10. Delaney Bucknor says

    This is not protein powder. This is nut milk & there’s far more fat than protein.

  11. manoj singh says

    it's not gonna give you much protein guys…. but it's a good source of healthy fats…so gym goers and fat people stay away from this….only if you want to gain weight then it might be a good option

  12. Vijaya Raghu says

    You are kannadians but you don't show types kannada whyy?????????

  13. Nivin E says

    i liked this video until he puts his hand in there

  14. SK Video Junction says

    Which time take this morning before breakfast or after dinner

  15. Varsha Das says

    For Weight loss Or weight gain?????

  16. himanshu soni says

    Transfer to ‘mixi’ sounds so desi!!👍😎

  17. Sharadha Devi says

    It's surely for gain weight not for fat loss

  18. Prasad Jadhav says

    Can we add cocoa powder or cardamom for taste and flavour….

  19. Anjumol says

    How much proteins will give in three spoon.

  20. Janani E says

    Is this a weight loss powder.. 🤔🤔🤔🙄😬

  21. VEENA R N says

    Maam,……Can we mix protein powder with the hot water???

  22. Rosamma John says

    After powdering ,keep it in fridge or outside.? Pl tell

  23. Vridhi Modi says

    What bullshit😂😂 this is a carbs and fat powder😂😂😂

  24. Priscilla Ganesharatnam says

    Only chia seeds is for weight loss it will burn the fat.

  25. Kitchens Diet says

    This is not a weightloss drink but yes a healthy drink for those who want weight maintainance or people who are weak or have anemia.Great work but please post such videos with proper title thanks enjoyed the video

  26. Araliya station says

    Oh….she's kind a not replying person

  27. Malathi Shekar says

    Thank you very much 💕

  28. Poonam smart kitchen says

    Very nice and healthy 👍🏻

  29. Archana Mary says

    Weight gain drink upload pannunga sis

  30. azhar shagufa says

    Thanx fr this valuable recipe. Can heart patients take it??
    (Bypass done)

  31. sonal sharma says

    Is it good for pregnant women?

  32. Syeda Bina says

    Health drink hy abb limits me piyen aur exercise bhi karyen bki deit ka bhi khyal rakhyen tu kbhi weight gain nai hoga.. Din me khana peena bhi jam k uper se dodh bhi tu weight tb gain hoga… Warna best drink hy yeah weight loss k len

  33. Maryam Fayaz says

    Kitna din tk rakh sakta ha is powder ko?

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