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Little Bee BBQ HK Cafe
Address: 13823 127 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 1A8
Phone: (780) 456-8128

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  1. Quang Tran says

    QUANG COOK US _________________________________!!!!

  2. Seasoned Cuisine says

    Why do I always watch your videos at 2 am when I am starving 😭 Now I have to go eat something

  3. K Y says


  4. Chantal Bui says

    The way he says "open your mouth let me slide this rice in" sounds like his mind is thinking dirty.

  5. Jhihad Outlaw says

    Quang Make a ninja turtles feast please. 🙂

    Include these items:

    – New York style cheesecake with strawberry topping

    – one New York style cheese pizza

    – one New York style pepperoni pizza

    – one New York style specialty pizza of your choice: Italian sausage, the works, chicken bacon ranch, buffalo chicken, anchovies and olives, meatball, Hawaiian, bbq chicken, chicken supreme, all meat, breakfast, Greek, white alfredo and spinach.

    – ranch dressing dip for pizzas

    – cheese stuffed garlic butter parm knots with side of marinara sauce

    – antipasto pasta salad with lettuce and Italian dressing

    – plain beef ramen noodles

    – regular Cheeto puffs

    – Pepsi soda product of your choice: Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Crush, Mist Twist.

  6. Glen Cameron says

    Thanks for video…

  7. Sacchin George says

    Day 148 of asking Quang to make his all time favorite dish
    Like if you agree
    Like so he can see

  8. Jahida Begum says

    Wheres ur fiancé. I really loved videos with her in it. She’s such a sweet soul

  9. Farhan Mirza says

    No food and life isnt a beautiful thing life sucks

  10. Youssef Sameh Tanios says


  11. idthgas says


  12. Thanh Nguyễn says

    Are you VietNamese

  13. Kara Lee says

    he always buys feasts instead of making his own now 🙁

  14. Elizabeth Vidal says

    I love your channel ❤ can you do a collab with Lovely Mimi? You guys love food and love to eat- it would be such a kool collab!

  15. Amit Haridasani says

    Tryna hide up how let down you are cuz of the bbq pork

  16. TheRed Brothers says

    You d’huile make rice and curry with nan bread

  17. Inouye Matautia says

    Samoan food

  18. The Skyquake Warrior says

    QUANG!!! Make your twist your take on Kanji!

  19. sosa says

    quang I remember in an old video u said which fish sauce was your favorite but I can’t remember lol

  20. Reo 504 says

    You inspired my eleven year’s old son to cook thank you very much Greetings from the netherlands♥️♥️♥️♥️

  21. Neharika Thakur says

    I love watching your videos so much.. Lots of love from India.. 🇮🇳🤩
    Fun fact : The word congee comes from Tamil word kanji, a prominent food of the Tamil people in ancient India..

  22. Wally Dorlus says

    Yo Quang if u reply when are u gonna try 🇭🇹 Haitian food

  23. Asayi Vero says

    Let's all agree that he can't eat his food without saying" I am super pumped for this"😂😂

  24. Huzaifah Shah says

    Just stop chewing like that. My father will smacked my mouth if i chew like that.

  25. Sharon says

    pineapple bun supposed to have a THICK slab of butter in the middle. French toast needs maple syrup and a cube of butter on top. that's authentic hong kong way.

  26. Sharon says

    damn lol. that pineapple bun does not look right.

  27. Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk says

    To look at that chow fun 😍😍😍

  28. EastVan Hooligans says

    Delicious food quan , really enjoy it. Eastvan hooligans passing by, come check us out

  29. Atomkukac1 says

    – I wanted to have a cheesburger, but I got only my fries, coleslow and the bun.
    – You didn't get the meat but I also didn't charge for it.

    What is wrong with people?

  30. ahgaii says

    hey mate you should eat that French toast with syrup, tastes better😉 the filling is usually peanut butter but not sure if yours was

  31. _ok_ema_ says

    "I never had a french toast…. in so long" 😂😂😂😂

  32. Kortex says

    Who else from HK?

  33. FFelo says

    If Quang says is alright the food must be terrible for sure.

  34. food4444lyfe ᑫueen βɪsh says

    That looks like stirfry " xiamen " rice noodles… 😋

  35. ultimacia57 says

    It's 2am and I'm here watching this. I like to torture myself I guess. I'm sooo hungry

  36. PSYC BRAVOツ says

    Chew with your mouth shut 🤢

  37. Mohit Jhanji says

    When Quang says it’s ‘nice’ he is not impressed….

  38. Sin Achilles says

    Bruh I'd be full just by eating that pineapple bun😂

  39. Price Black says

    The last dish looked like watery loaded grits.

  40. BarbaraBeauté says

    Explain what the foods are more next time lol

  41. LukasW says

    I love the different camera settings in this one! 🙂

  42. duffy543211 says

    Try Ethiopian food next!🇪🇹

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