Hongkong Travel Diary ◇ Hidden Cafes & Instagram Spots


This is the third time i’ve travelled to hongkong, so instead of doing the usual touristy things, my cousin, aunt and i headed for a less conventional travel route, visiting hidden cafes and instagram spots that are less touristy!

Here’s a time stamp snapshot of our trip!
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Metropark Mongkok Hotel

Tsui Wah Restaurant
Sea view Congee Shop (海景粥店茶餐廳)
Locofama Restaurant
Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum
Sinmei Tea Hongkong
Yung Kee Restaurant
Mum’s Not Home (closed on tuesdays!)

Quarry Bay
Shek Kin Swimming Shed
Colorful Staircase @ Yau Ma Tei

Mongkok – Argyle Centre, Monki, H&M
Fa Yuen Street
Sai Ying Pun

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Covey – Stranger

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  1. Brigitte Patton says

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  5. Karyll Caberoy says

    Hi, what camera did you use? You have wonderful shots.

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    I'm moving to hong kong and my name is carina

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  9. Yuan Q. says

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  20. BOYA BOAY says

    this is so fun to watch! what camera do you use?

  21. Kelle Lower says

    I love hitting up less touristy spots too! I gotta go check out some these places the next time I go 🙂

  22. Chimes Ling says

    I hope to return to Hong Kong someday! <3 Another lovely video! ^_^

  23. Nica Phan says

    All the food got me like 😭😭😭 currently eating a salad lol

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    love this song ! great shots and I love how you edited this! Looks like an awesome trip, Carina! Well done 🙂

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    Love your video style, so inspiring!

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    we're floored by the quality of ur vlogs! they're filled w/ beautiful sceneries, 10/10 food & full of heart! you made us fall in love w/ hong kong all over again💜

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