Hot Tub Supplies: What You Should Know

Hot Tub Supplies: What You Should Know

As a hot tub owner, you must have probably read that you only need have spa chemicals to clean your hot tub water clean. The truth remains that it takes more than chemicals to maintain your hot tub; you also need a range of recommended hot tub supplies to make this possible.

In case you're lost on what these supplies are, this guide will reveal them to you.

Hot Tub supplies That you Need

1. Vacuum

At least once every quarter, you need to clean and drain your hot tub of dirt. But note that the debris that gains full access into your spa would require a deep clean before it can get out. This is why you need to implement the use of a hot tub vacuum. This tool is one of the most important hot tub supplies that can help you pick up leaves, sand, and other dirt that you may need to get rid of. It can help you save time and energy.

2. Cover Accessories

You shouldn't keep leaving your hot tub opened when it's not in use. If you do this, note that you're wasting the water, heat, and chemicals which most times can go out through evaporation. This can also cause you to spend more money than you want.

Using a hot tub cover saves you from incurring these losses. It also enables you to leave out things that aren't supposed to be in your spa.

3. Cover Lifter

If you're a regular hot tub user, you should know that the covers can sometimes price heavy to lift. The more they accumulate and hold water, the heavier they become. This is why you need to ease the struggle that may come from lifting them by adopting a hot tub cover Lifter.

While purchasing a cover lifter, you can opt for one that's fully automated or uses manual power. Whichever one you choose to go for, you will be saving tons of energy and effort.

4. Leak Sealant

The tendency of experiencing leaks in your hot tub can rise, depending on the volume of water that's putting pressure on your spa. This hot tub leak can occur regardless of how often you take care of it.

The main way to completely stop small leaks is to get a hot tub leak sealant and seal it up as soon as you can. To make this possible, you can hold the sealant in your hand, and replace the materials as they get used up.

5. Test Strips

The water in your hot tub needs to be balanced. That's because it helps to prevent algae and ensures that there's adequate sanitizer to prevent the occurrence of illnesses.

How you chose to test your water depends on what you want, but using test strips can make the process quite easy for you. For better results, you should do the testing as frequently as possible.


In all, you should always ensure that everyone who comes in contact with your hot tub water remains safe. This guide shows you the comprehensive list of hot tub supplies that you need to keep in your home.