How Acidity Causing Beverages Are Harmful To Your Health


From fizzy drinks, caffeinated drinks to energy drinks and more, here are some acidic drinks that may be unknowingly causing you trouble.

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Intro – 0:00
Some acidic drinks that may be unknowingly causing you trouble –
Fizzy Drinks – 00:45
Caffeinated Drinks – 01:25
Energy Drinks – 01:56
How Acidic Drinks Affect Your Mouth – 02:30
Tips to Protect Your Teeth – 03:28
How Acidic Drinks Are Damaging Your bone Health – 04:01
The Link Between Soft Drinks And Obesity – 04:49
Nighttime heartburn related to morning time soda pop – 05:44
Non Acidic Beverages – 06:19
Some non acidic beverages that you can have without thinking twice –
Herbal tea – 06:32
Coconut water – 06:56
Plant based milk – 07:22
Ginger – 07:46


1. Herbal Tea:
Tea is one hot beverage loved by all! But you must choose the right type of tea. Herbal tea like chamomile, ginger, hibiscus and rooibos are some of the most popular types in the world. Unlike an acidic drink it helps in providing relief from indigestion along with soothing the stomach. Look for caffeine free herbal tea options and believe us you will have plenty of choices to choose from. An easy to make, pocket friendly alternative!

2. Coconut Water:
A cool fresh drink of coconut water on a hot summer day seems like a blessing. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it not only manages the electrolyte balance in your body but also maintains the PH balance, hence controlling your acidity problem. Filled with antioxidants and the goodness of natural fiber, vitamin C and potassium it is not only good for improving bodily function but also helps in keeping your hair and skin looking glowing and healthy.

3. Plant Based Milk:
Plant based milk like soy, almond, flax and coconut milk are solutions for a lot of problems. These alternative milk products are perfect for people who are lactose intolerant, suffer from stomach inflammation or are opting for a vegan lifestyle. Dairy-alternative milks tend to have fewer calories, less fat with the exception of , more water content offering better hydration and less protein except soy milk.

4. Ginger Tea:
Ginger tea is one of the most trusted home remedies among people all over the world. From offering pain relief and relieving symptoms of nausea to controlling blood sugar levels and improving your immune system, ginger tea is a complete wholesome drink. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds that are known to relieve pain.

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  15. Diane Benzler says

    In the summer I love iced tea, I no longer drink much in the way of soda. It's a once in awhile treat. I also don't drink energy drinks. I do like my coffee in the morning. I got too gassy on cola.

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