How KaiOS is catching up with Android.


KaiOS vs Android, which operating system will become the next big Smartphone OS?
TechAltar’s video on PuffinOS:

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss says

    Thanks for watching, and thanks to TechAltar for being a part of this collab, his video is here: you've seen both videos, comment down below which OS you think has more Potential! 👊

  2. Paul Berg says


  3. Just Penguin UwU says

    My mobile is for 20 bruh

  4. Mr . Comment O says

    Mine is $120😂

  5. BigBoy IX says

    Me: WTF is KaiOS?

  6. MoWeinerIV says

    If this device could run Google Duo, then it would be a good option for older/disabled people. Especially now with COVID-19, nursing home patients who cannot handle a touchscreen phone could use a device like this to have video chats with their families whenever they want, instead of having to schedule a video chat with one of the nursing home's devices.

  7. Light Mapper says

    him: how expensive is your phone?me: since last month i have a samsung A10 and it costs 119 twt

  8. LEON TIME says

    Honestly, I'm just gonna stick with the Ol' reliable.

  9. Witamin says

    Mine is the Galaxy A51

  10. Unknown says

    Still it won't run PuBG 😎

  11. Blue Kit Kat says

    $559.99, from launch.

  12. ZDH ZONE_alt says

    Me with a iPhone 6s thats worth 150$

  13. Skyshatter says

    More OSs = more competition = more products = lower prices.

  14. GLOBAL WISPA says


  15. Nathan The Collector says

    No impact a year later

  16. Timothy Abraham says

    This kind of remids me of back in the day when it was just Nintendo and Sega were the big video game companies and then in comes Sony out of nowhere with a platform. All this is is another contender and true and faithful users will stay loyal in their corner. I will never switch from Android to anything. #TeamAndroid

  17. Danovan Martinez says

    20 dollars? I'd say 10 dollars… because my… phone was actually… 10… dollars… yeah I'm not kidding

  18. salman naeem says


  19. ThE SaVaGe HeArT says

    jio already used kaios

  20. Muzammil Bakshi says

    Please make a video on GrapheneOS.

  21. Mahdi Ezzeddine says

    why the other guy is wispering 😑

  22. Rejected ideas says

    I thought this was a touch phone from the thumbnails

  23. Ginger That Cat says

    Wait. Remove the "Ka" from KaiOS…

  24. Al96 says

    Nokia is happy again!!😃

  25. AndroEmu &etc. says

    Imagine Symbian+kaios

  26. Abhishek Robert says

    I was about to sleep then TechAltar’s sequence came lol

  27. Butter fox says

    my smartphone costsyou wont belive me0$!!bc i dont have one :/


    Well I think jio and google are partnering to compete this

  29. Tuna Girit says

    100$ 🙁 Mate 10 Lite

  30. MoreChannelNoise says

    I hope it catches on as I find smart phones a rip off. I have to buy a new one every 2 years. I recently had to buy a new one as my banks app would not work on my old version of Android and of course phone manufactures rarely offer a new version of android to put on your old phone.

  31. Andrei Ștefan says

    Under 50 dollars unlocked new in box i'm useing the phone that i got for under 50$ usd android 8.1 16gigs storage 2gb ram 2400 mhap battery 5.5 inch 18:9 1440×720 ips display quad core mediatek cpu powervr gpu I can put any sim card in it and it will workI got it new in box in romaniaAnd i live in romania i'm romanian

  32. Rose Rose says

    Smart dumb is the new Smart

  33. Bi-Bop Productions says

    I’m watching on an Alcatel my flip

  34. Metaorange says

    I got my Moto E6 for $20+ or so plus prepaying for 1 mo plan

  35. Marwanmagdy2211 says

    let's say KaiOS. KaiOS is a new popular software for cell phones and maybe a big replacement for java based devices and the best thing i loved about it is the lightweight os that supports a lot of weak phones SO, it may be a replacement for android go devices (I have really didn't like android go it's not useful)

  36. RedTheCat says

    I have a KaiOS phone. It's amazing, but I wish it could have more apps, like Spotify.

  37. Sabin Bajracharya says

    Fake thumbnail to attract views. Shame on you!

  38. tash agent says


  39. Soumik Biswas says

    That outro is just magical ❤️❤️

  40. James Eden says

    I could see this os working out for someone like my mom.. a simple, basic and capable system for someone who barely uses the features offered by her budget Android. She mostly just uses it for texting, occasional navigation and the questionable one at the moment, video calls..

  41. Md Arfan says

    I would use KaiOS as a backup phone.

  42. Sadiq Rza says

    Can anyone tell which one is it at 0:07

  43. Optibate says

    :O and i hav 400$ phone its an oppo f15

  44. EshaanPisal says


  45. Thiyaga Valli says

    I have that phone but mine is yellow and also I call it the banana phone cause it’s curved

  46. Rob Tyman says

    Would be nice if both these new systems could succeed, but something tells me both face an uphill struggle. If Windows phones couldn't persuade people to buy them, then these two face a herculean task. Besides, people have become used to there being only two rival systems – Apple, and Android. This is akin to a new search engine coming out now and trying to rival, and out-compete Google…that's not going to happen! I can't see these two systems taking off either. Sorry, just being realistic here. I imagine in five years time you'll be be doing a 'look back' video and saying ''Remember X, whatever happened to that?'

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