How to Add Custom Music in a Fortnite Creative Map!


Music is SUCH an important part of the #FortniteCreative experience and it’s often over looked. So today I show you How to Add Custom Music in a #Fortnite Creative Map!

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How to Add Custom Music in a Fortnite Creative Map!

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  1. Fatimah Zalfa says

    Roses are red violets are blue checking the comments see if is true

  2. Hiroto Isamu says

    Bro you are really musical maybe do some more music tiles and music stuff

  3. BT BLAZER says

    What’s the code for the Pokémon map in the beginning

  4. I 0K l says

    Nice! Can you make a video on how to make songs with the music blocks?

  5. Gilsterboi says

    The music block community has awaited this day for so long. Please let them know that music blocks need to be fixed.

  6. Running Torpedo says

    If mustard pins this then I will applaud him 50 dollars

  7. The tgo De Sousa says

    If you use the game face spray then after that you can get a nice blood texture in your horror maps and using a lot

  8. Hug-o says

    omg thank you so much this is very helpful

  9. Rusher says

    Why not make a custom anime map with custom music and a boss that you can make

  10. Oliver PEARCE says

    I wish you could change the volume of certain music blocks


    hi am new

  12. Nonzinz •_• says

    Dont talk over music plz

  13. Sakawat Hossen says

    0:28 my whole life changed because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  14. D4rk_Dino marioplaYz says

    Yo ( I’m not a bot) I’m struggling on yt trying to get 100 subs pls help

  15. BohemianLizard says

    Mustard thine composer! 😂

  16. The Emerald empire says

    Mustard plays me and my friend mark are making a horror map and we think it’s one of our best we are on are way to get a supporter created code and we thought you might want to play the map

  17. Yohan Gayatin says

    Hi mustard can I please request something can you please make a rogue company map i would really appreciate if you see this thank you for reading this if you do have a great day!!!!

  18. Ayo Eyo says

    Time to make the furret song in Fortnite cause I know that will be viral and get me views

  19. michael cancila says

    Thank you now I can use fortnite for my music project

  20. Rashed Gaming says

    3:09 it’s like learning in school

  21. LP_Jewel says

    I rlly want mistard to see me make a map

  22. Blue Bass says

    can u say hi

  23. Cat Z. says

    Hi its me again I was wondering of you have some spare time to play with my son?

  24. TrxpzClan says

    Thanks mustard you helped me now i know what to do😀😀

  25. Kenneth Pina says

    Didint even hear the notices into u mentioned it

  26. Kenneth Pina says

    Ima show this to my 6 period teacher she’s my choir I’m in 7 grade she’s gonna love it because u mentioned quarter note and 1234 1234 etc shes gonna like this

  27. Gaming With Lenbot says

    I’m making a horror map that’s kinda like dead by daylight but it’s called wolverines winter and the wolverine is super fast and uses his claws and u have to escape in a helicopter using conditional buttons it’s pretty easy and epic and fun

  28. SuperGamingTeam says

    @Mustard Plays could you make a tutorial on 6:26 for the music block ending. It sounds very good!

  29. AKmoneymakerPlayz says

    Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Music Theory with Mustard

  30. Dehalfwit says

    This is awesome that you are sharing the amount of creativity that can be done with music tiles. I personally only make music so a music creator, this is great. Be careful not to use to many when making a map though, takes a lot of space….

  31. Naseem says

    Why is the music so quiet

  32. Tacocat5577 says

    This music is fire 🔥

  33. Gabriel M Montalvo says

    Hey. I made a map recently accept I don't have a code for it and I need help getting permission to publish. Im asking for help since people here are basically Creative Geniuses.

  34. GC AKP09 says

    That’s a smart thumbnail

  35. Luca Ambrosino says

    What if Epic adds a music device where you just have to put the notes in it with different sounds, that would be cool

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