How to Create Morning Routines + Healthy Habits


Thanks to LifeProof for sponsoring this video: | I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks for building healthy habits and routines into my life! I read Atomic Habits by James Clear earlier this year and I pull fro some of his lessons and discuss how to build better habits through the 4 laws of behavioral change.

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0:00-2:32 Intro
2:33-4:19 Building Healthy Habits
4:20-5:29 Systems vs Goals
5:30-7:01 Tip #1
7:02-7:45 Tip #2
7:46- 8:25 Tip #3
8:26-9:57 Tip #4
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  1. Zola Nesbitt says

    This reminds me of Amy Lee’s content

  2. Dipika Chowdhury says

    Tips starts at 5:30

  3. Madeline Egbert says

    this is me leaving a little comment.

  4. Andrea Mendez says

    I read that book too! Its was a great, easy read with alot of "obvious" practices that werent obvious to me!

  5. Madeeha Ghani says

    Thanks for this video! It really helped xx

  6. Gascon Kelvin says

    Elena you are indeed of the best to me , I try at much to watch your inspirational videos just like Every bitcoin investor right now is just smiling at the price of bitcoin as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. Most persons are gonna become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that

  7. OCOOPA says

    Hi, dear Elena, your video is amazing, would you want to try rechargeable hand warmer more convenient and safe than chemical hand warmer, we can send free sample, here is our website,, if you have interesting , please contact this email

  8. emma nob says

    this is so unrelated, but your hair looks BOMB AF in this video haha

  9. Arlee Grace says

    PLEASE start a podcast! ❤️

  10. Megan P says

    I recommend reading "miracle morning" it really changed the game for me. I don't ALWAYS do a morning routine (on the weekends or for ex today I was running late to work) but the times I do it makes a huge difference. It's harder this time of year because the mornings are cold (yes even in California haha) but you could always do a shorter version of your routine if you really don't have the time. These videos are great bc they give you inspiration but for sure personalize it for you. 🙂

  11. collin grant says

    this was so so helpful! i really like how informational and practical you are 🙂 thank you for making it

  12. Briana Weekes says

    It could be a really cool series if you read books like these and then make lil tip videos about what you learned!!

  13. Mary G says

    Hey, I normally don't write any comments. But this is so helpful and helped me so much already. And your videos are in my morning routine, since I always want to hear something insporational or claming in the mornings, before I start doing my assignments, and your videos are perfect for that (sadly I can only listen once a week to yours, every other day I have to seachr for different youtubers)

  14. kittylove says

    Great video! A lot of helpful tips. Btw, does anyone know the name of the song in the beginning??

  15. Vibha Srinivasan says

    Literally loved and needed this video so much!!!!

  16. Cole Maier says

    this was actually super helpful and went beyond the average preachy do it because its better for you vibe !

  17. NicolesVlogs says

    this shade of blue looks SO good on you

  18. Lisa Höhenberger says

    I can also recommend 7 habits of highly effective people! It literally changend my life 🙂 Thanks for the video, Elena- great as always. These kind of sit down videos are so amazing- You are such an inspiring person and really have become one of my favourite youtubers with your authentic, real and just happy vibes.

  19. Antonia Seifert says

    What helped me a lot with social media (especially in the morning) is unfollow every instagram site that could trigger me (vacation, models, unrealistic rich/skinny/famous people my age) and only follow people I know and FEW sites that put me in a good mood (animals, architecture, etc.). I can check my whole start page & stories in 5 minutes and if i want to look at some more stuff I will go to the explore page.
    Great tips Elena, have a nice week 🙂

  20. Abbie Grier says

    these steps, while I definitley need to work on them, are PRACTICAL! thanks for breaking them all down and sharing them with us!

  21. diary of a lame ghost says

    thanks for this x

  22. Wind Lifestyle says
  23. Radio papizza says

    nice video greeting from Italy

  24. Alissa Lynn says

    You look STUNNING! Please do a night routine edition, I swear by mine but I could always use improvements

  25. Travel Photography says

    Good job!

  26. Lexi Becker says

    what are your UNhealthy habits that your talking about?

  27. Adèle says

    I would also really recommend getting an alarm clock instead of having an alarm on your phone, this way you are definitely not looking at your phone first thing in the morning. I've got a lumie lamp which is also my alarm clock and waking up to some extra light is so incredible, especially on dark winter mornings!

  28. Vilte says

    I love this video! The book really helped me build new, healthier habits. Where is your beautiful workout matt from?

  29. Fiona Lilly says

    loved these tips!!

  30. Bernadette says

    This was helpful. Thanks Elena! Keep em coming

  31. Laura Marazzi says

    Loved this video. Definitely want to work on setting up a better morning routine!

  32. Amanda Berger says

    What is her skin routine

  33. Hopie Smoakie says

    such amazing editing! you put so much work into it and it shows !

  34. SouthernSun41 says

    I'm liking this channel and I'm way picky with youtubers, Finally an American too.

  35. Lex says

    Anyone know any other women New York vloggers???

  36. emma forde says

    This is exactly what I needed 👌🏼

  37. bella ruby says

    okay I actually took handwritten notes from this video (because I'm a neeerrrddd) 
    BUT also because I've wanted to read Atomic Habits for a while, so I'm going to try make changes with the lovely abbreviated version that is this video ahaha — cheers Elena!

  38. Michelle Darcy says

    This video was timed perfectly, have been in such a rut and feeling so low but just getting the motivation back to feel on top of things againg. Plus it reminded me of everything I read in atomic habits at the start of lockdown! 🙂 Thanks x

  39. Saumya Raizada says

    Love that Locket! If recent, could you please link where you got it from?

  40. Ashleigh Sharp says

    I've been in such a rut recently, so seeing this really reminded me I need to focus more on myself and my goals! I def need to start pulling out my workout clothes the night before; that's such a great tip!

  41. Corrine Michelle says

    With the pandemic I haven’t been able to plan anything related to travel, and it’s been so hard for me because I’m a person that does well when I have something to look forward to. I’ve been planning little things like an at home spa night for the weekend, a day trip to the woods, etc. so I have something to look forward to during my school/work week!

  42. Carla Roca says

    Really useful Elena! I'm tired of watching videos about people's habits, so this one about how to build them is actually really interesting 😉 Lots of love from Spain ❤️

  43. Eryn Shipley says

    Hey! this video really inspired me to start working towards those habits i've always wanted to have!

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