How To FIX Unable To Verify App / Tweaked Apps CRASHING! (iOS 14 & iOS 13)


Unable To Verify App & Tweaked Apps Crashing are common issues with iOS 13 & iOS 14 when getting Tweaked Apps for iPhone. Your apps show Unable To Verify App Error or Crash, due to installing a blacklisted Tweaked Apps store. When Apple detects this, the certificate powering the Tweaked Apps break.

TutuBox & AppValley have REMOVED The blacklist from their store, meaning you’ll be able to get Tweaked Apps on your device, iOS 14 & iOS 13! The issue is, to FIX Tweaked Apps Crashing & Unable Unable To Verify App Error on iOS 14 & iOS 13, you need to run a fix. Learn how to FIX Tweaked Apps CRASHING on iOS 13, and Unable To Verify App on iOS 14, and get TutuBox & AppValley on your iPhone & iPad! TutuBox & AppValley are the best Tweaked Apps stores, and have worked together to remove the blacklist issue entirely!

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  1. Saunders Tech says

    Enjoy your Tweaked Apps guys!TutuBox: http://tutubox.ioAppValley:

  2. Playboybossjay 12 says

    It still doesn’t work

  3. dudedavid says

    I did reset my phone.Reinstalled appvalley. When I click GET I get kicked to the main appvalley screen.Am I doing something wrong ?

  4. Jeffrey Zalischi says

    I can’t get on the tutu box website when I use the ffapple proxy

  5. Jonah Delgado says

    Is there another way where you don’t have to completely reset your phone

  6. Adomay Ceballos says

    Hey I need your help please. I’m on iOS 12.0.0 I had reprovison and the unc0ver jailbreak but I lost the Jailbreak because reprovison didn’t do it’s thing for some reason. What should I do?

  7. Diego Islas says

    Do we need to get appvalley or not

  8. Herb Toker says

    The proxy stopped working for me. I had no internet when on. Now it’s off with dns cloak installed

  9. Tigherjester 11 says

    When I go to tutu box it sends me to app valley. What’s up with that??

  10. WhiteFloatzel says

    I tried it yesterday and it worked apps didn’t open today tried didn’t work

  11. iiSeraxy says

    “Unable to install tutoboxquandago”

  12. 1000 subscribers Before the world ends says

    But I have app valley!!

  13. π says

    2:31 I can't believe you add ads like these in your tutubox and you didn't censored the ad and you censored your email.

  14. Perfect AimZ says

    i get untrusted developer but when i trust & open it up it crashes.


    Can we get a compute tutorial lol (Not signing apps or 3rd party app stores only can be installed from pc)

  16. Jacob Stuni says

    Heeellpp please Saunder!!How can i Unjailbreak my iphone with Unc0ver!!

  17. OUTBREAK says

    I thought this will not work but I try one time first I backup and rested after that … IT WORKED!

  18. AUX ᗰOᑕᕼᗩ says

    When i press get it would return me back to the app homescreen

  19. Amine 10 says

    Thanks mate 100% working

  20. R1SK Ez says

    when can we jailbreak ios 14 a12

  21. clash-MLG says

    Tutubox worked but not appvalley

  22. Angel Romero says

    Do you still have to use ffapple after you reset?

  23. wavysaiki says

    It actually works this is official.

  24. Zeet Acc says

    Can I download unc0ver and jailbreak ?

  25. TxrulyAsh says

    It Works As Always Thanks! I also have a question, is appcake blacklisted? because I wanna download it so I can download ipas.

  26. Blueberryapple says

    Can u plssssss make a new certificate plss god

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