How to get a (Free) ANDROID emulator for your computer


In this video, I will show you how to get the official free ANDROID emulator for your computer. This is for those who want to try out the ANDROID OS without actually spending the money to get an ANDROID device.

I spent 7 hours finding out how do this so I hope you find this usefull.

The Download can be found here:

Hope this helps!

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  1. ganesh kumar says

    yeakarna mouskil hai
    koi aur method batao
    zaldi se

  2. Amin Sagar says

    ps2 ka emulator for android me release kare plz q k ps2 ko 16 years se b zyada ho cheke hen to ab tak to ajana chaiye plz Freinds mere is msg ko ase technical bhaiyon ko share kare take koi bhai emulator tyar kar k humein link de or bhaiyon ye mat suchna k mobilee me ps2 ps3 ki game nai chale gi to bhaiyo asa nai hai mobile in gamo se ziyada graphical hai bus ko asa technical bhai ho jo in ps2 ps3 k emulator banaye jo fake na ho bilkul real ho jese k ppsspp ka emulator hai so brothers please please please please please please share me my message

  3. Juanita Pomerleau says

    I need something to play google games with on my Windows XP laptop. I've downloaded games onto my tablet & Android phone from the Google play store. But can't play them on my pc. I love Konami game slots ! Do you have any suggestions ? Thanks ! JP

  4. Juanita Pomerleau says

    4-21-16 Thanks for taking time to share this video ! It has not gone unnoticed. I'm really unknowledgable and would NOT have figured this out on my own ! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge ! ! ! Sincerely, JP

  5. Donald Pickard says

    Developers have redesigned the web site rendering the video moot.

  6. jose laredo says


  7. Naz Sad says

    the only garbage here is yalls computer bluestakes is the garbage can't do shit with it

  8. Naz Sad says

    the only garbage here is yalls computer bluestakes is the garbage can't do shit with it

  9. Soyboyy says

    Deputa la inin nga yawa diri man ini nagana haak computer nga mamiristi nga fuck

  10. Naz Sad says

    Andy android emulator is where it's at

  11. An Archive of My Past says

    The uploader is ipodtutorialdudes and the video is called How to get a (Free) ANDROID emulator for your computer. OH THE IRONY!

  12. luis morel says

    i hate BlueStacks i want a real android emulater not the fake BlueStacks junk the real android emulater lets u accese folders and app folders and everything like a real android phone or tablet BlueStacks dosent

  13. Family B B says

    Bluestacks is OK now……

  14. Family B B says

    Bluestacks is OK now……

  15. Stefie Florencia says

    is it must using java?

  16. Exrney says

    I suggest using Bandicam, even the free version, to record PC videos. Just give the top portion of your video extra spaces so you can easily cut the watermark out.

  17. Leopold Productions says

    this takes too long to download and it keeps on increasing minutes

  18. John Smith says

    Bluestacks. Best android emulator 😛

  19. ipodtutorialdudes says

    No, watch my most recent video on bluestacks to play apps.

  20. FookDuSushi says

    does google play or market work?

  21. Matias Penttinen says

    I have JDK but the SDK doesn't work

  22. UnboltingCube lI says

    Can we Run apps?

  23. tbones1 says

    Is it really password?

  24. Amr Raafat says

    Can i download BBM on this app ?

  25. DarkIVL says

    there is a password on the archive anyone know it?

  26. Migz Garcia says

    it's just 54 mb !!!! =____=""

  27. FBIannis says

    Can you close the emulator and games like "Tiny Tower" or "Simpsons Tapped Out" will keep going ?

  28. Midooo 55 says

    FUCK blue fuckin Sucks

  29. aryasem22 says

    is there any emulator that has low size??

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