1. Torrable GT says

    What song is your favorite played with musical wings ?

  2. Will W says

    Wow this channel is amazing, congrats new subscriber! Btw I saw your other videos with PeterW, you both make the best duo!

  3. villients evans says

    I just got rickrolled

  4. George Sumu says

    lol this video made me wanna buy those wings and never sell

  5. MRmiumau Gt says

    how dare you to rick roll me

  6. Humaid _Ah says

    I got Rick Rolled by Torrable today, and I loved it

  7. Justine Salazar says


  8. Aden Gmg says

    Grow id : IXOGMGWorld : IXSPAMme Want wl

  9. ImIhsanGTI says

    Can sign? YouTuber go imihsangti msg me

  10. John Resurreccion says

    Thank u for the tip torabble😊 hope u hit 15k soon😊

  11. sitayonoob 0 says

    2:49 you're gonna have a bad time

  12. Enovejas Clarence says

    How Can I Cganfe Music

  13. Heri Yanto says

    "GrowID : Yhesi""World : 9wsw""I Hope I Win"


    Wow I didn’t know u could set the wings note

  15. Leonard Daniel says

    I like the ending

  16. SakaBiru says

    Can we do unravel or any anime song with this??

  17. blue crewmate says

    Rick rolled xd

  18. PSYCHO HACKER_Dev says

    have chance on musical wings insert note for coffin dance? xd

  19. WokerBan Gt says

    Can u make song thefatrat “stronger”

  20. Coffe14 says

    there a strenger to sub to torrable : )

  21. Kevin Chen says

    Lol tf😂

  22. Kheizer Biscayda says

    No one famous heart and come to my world :kheizer09 /cry

  23. DoniYaL GT says

    Torrable: Which one this the best comment down below?!Me: The last one is the best! ❤️

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