How to use Nima to find gluten in food


How do you use Nima? There’s a few simple steps. 1) Put a pea sized amount of food in the one time use capsule 2) Twist the lid on the capsule until it pops 3) Place the capsule into the sensor and make certain it clicks 4) Press start and wait a few seconds.

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  1. Nima says

    oh ok fuck u too

  2. Quyên Thảo Phạm says

    oh it so gôod but it Gary bad

  3. Quyên Thảo Phạm says

    oh it so gôod but it Gary bad

  4. ICR says

    Is incredible, but you have to go further to my I would like to create / buy a digital nutritional coach invention to know what to eat and when 🙂

  5. Grime Kitty says

    I think it would be better to mix up the food and then mash it together , before taking a small piece of the mixture to use as a sample. if there are multiple items in the salad, for example, some might be contaminated and others not.

  6. Melo T says

    dose this tell u if its 100% gluten free?

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