How To Warm Up Before A Soccer / Football Game


How To Warm Up Before A Soccer / Football Game – Download a FREE soccer training course at –

Learn how to warm up before a soccer or football game with this example from Dylan Tooby of Progressive Soccer Training. If you want to know how to warm up before soccer or football, this is a great video to watch. You can follow these warm up stretches or create your own routine using the same principles.

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How To Warm Up Before A Soccer / Football Game

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What is this soccer training video all about?

How To Warm Up Before A Soccer / Football Game

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How To Warm Up Before A Soccer / Football Game

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  1. Devika Malhotra says watch the best of football here.

  2. Charles Hinkle says

    What do you think of increase your soccer skills using Episoketren System? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Episoketren System.

  3. Sahabuddin Ansari says

    Bxmx dekh ish xm sky uxyx???

  4. Sahabuddin Ansari says

    Bxkzbzkshsjsh I dhb I jevs ????????

  5. A G says

    Too good had to watch it twice trust me if you banged up after playing in awhile and then you need this to loosen up.


    hey,i need help.i am a football player i have a physical pain.


    thank you,you help me to get best leader in the class

  8. mohammed Aldarmaki says


  9. AtReef says

    Thank you so much

  10. DTR Channel says

    Neck circles not good, becouse you can broke your nech

  11. FTO says

    Great warm up

  12. Benjamin Jamatia says

    R u footballler

  13. Brinda Dawson says

    How effective is Episoketren System? We've heard many amazing things about this popular training course.

  14. MrClearme says

    I don't do so many moves in a full game…

  15. Remya Nair says


  16. Pro Sahil says


  17. Arelle Panna says

    Ur a bad playet

  18. mantu padhan says

    Very nice

  19. Toni Newane says

    that was sucseful exersisees

  20. Shayaan Hashmat says

    b hjk

  21. Kai Love says

    If I back it it fat enough?

  22. Iced Tiga says

    2:19, i prefer to do my but kicks during the game, just kidding great video thanks! Only thing that would make it more enjoyable for me if it were without the background music.

  23. Vincent Productions says

    i always warm up at home and then got to the stadium haha.

  24. EmilyLopez says

    1:25 he do be throwing it back tho

  25. Dillon Croft says

    You’re a bouncing while stretching no one use this??‍♂️

  26. WestSideNation says

    Wtf is this

  27. Dr Sameer Pookkayil says

    What an excellent video brother.. superb??



  29. Biju thekka says

    This guy is giving us bad advise the first two exercise was banned from football 23 years ago

  30. Steve G says

    That’s not a warmup.

  31. merkagefootball says

    This has done well to get a million views

  32. Ignacio p says

    Thank you!

  33. Joe S says

    Thanks man

  34. super fast super fast says

    Very good

  35. Ikhwan Kazboon says

    Thanks a lot for the video. Although I am over 50 yrs old however these warm up techniques helped me a lot to avoid injury! Well Done!

  36. Shabeer Ali says

    Dude what are you doing ?

  37. Big S says

    All these warm ups and stretches really make your body feel looser rather than tight helps you with turns and reactions where your muscles are warmed up and ready to go, essential before games as well as other stretches ??

  38. Thomas Shaw says

    I do this warmup before every training

  39. Elias Darius says

    I tore both my MCL and ACL two years ago and i took me almost two years to recover.Now im back to playing football but idk what warmup exercice is best for my knee to prevent an injury, especially when shooting the ball.

  40. Joshua Reyes says

    Watching this video after I pulled my quads

  41. Ghy Lotta says

    Even though you look weird, ITS WORTH IT.One game I didn’t warm up, first 2 minutes I took a shot BOOM I strained my quadricep.

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