I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! Giving Badges to Basketball YouTubers!


Mad Video:

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  1. Rayling Toribio says

    Give my man Cash his Hot Zone Hunter man I’m shleep cuh

  2. scrypt says

    Backdown punisher is an offensive badge it’s just not a shooting badge so you do have an offensive badge

  3. Eddie Whyel Jr says

    Need that shirt ASAP where u get it ?

  4. Julian Medina says

    you already dropped this vid

  5. i2Saucy says

    there is no badge for top of the key

  6. MudManSon says

    AJ Lapray is a taller T Jass, hes insane

  7. Cra SavX says


  8. Swartzie 25 says

    There is no top of the key badge cash?

  9. Noah Lewis says

    Y'all cash at 8:20 whole mood changed the moment flight badges were being announced??

  10. Anthony Even Vaca says

    Cash: says good d to himself Jesser: casually scores

  11. Elijah Bowman says

    when is cash gonna realize only being able to shoot from the top of the key is a weakness and not a strength when a good defender on him??‍♂️

  12. Andersen Louw says

    If you get your ankles broken by cash no hate then either your shoes were slippery af or you a trashiest

  13. 17emman says

    Cash cried after that vid

  14. Sipho Makhubela says

    put time stamps in your description

  15. KVNGS KINGDOM says

    Cash this video was posted May 5 so he didn’t know about the shooting

  16. DRELOSKi II says

    So the collab not happening?

  17. YouTube Shaderoom says

    ??? cash funny asl

  18. T r u t h says

    Somebody should make a YouTube video on 2k using a YouTuber builds and use these badges

  19. Cyrus Abhary says

    cash just got some of the best defensive badges in the game and he's still pissed

  20. DoroDaKidd says

    this nigga really gettin heated cause he barley got offensive badges like bruh u only get 15 badge points lmao

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