IceBox zapp n roger Computer Love(remake) talkbox


late at night again, had nun to do but to remake computer love from zapp and roger,im not a singer so i kno i dont hit notes right and stuff so yea.. so its juss me and ma talkbox, enjoy and tell me wa u think

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  1. Jala Vaughn says


  2. BornToBeFamed says

    Been lookn for this version for awhile lol . I just sub bro . Remeber u from myspace. I go way back

  3. kuf3remix says

    love you bboyicy ,, please make more

  4. mekon92 says

    when i lie awake late at night, thinking of you, I put this slow jam on and get down… show myself some lovin' cos you ain't here….I met you on the internet and life just ain't been the same since girl..

  5. kenny Weekes says


  6. TheJuggaloChef says

    me n my girl's song #2, haha we met off the internet lol

  7. edithcobian says

    love thiz song

  8. IceBox Sound says

    guys!! chek out this song that im in it wid ma groupp!! n dont forget to share n subscribe!!

  9. IceBox Sound says

    watch my new music video here!!! /watch?v=n4SkB7j7KoU&feature=feedu

  10. ruffneck8622 says

    I was sick from head trauma and this song helped me get over the pain.

  11. xxxTHRILLxxx says

    a lil off beat.. but u got all the notes right and thew beat sounds almost identical
    nice altogether

  12. mscneal04 says

    that beat is hard….

  13. Norma Pemberton says

    hey b! havent seen you for a min. hit me up in myspace k

  14. writermachine80 says

    Pretty good, dude! Sound fabu-fuckin-licious!! 😀

  15. werellstupid says

    i like this better!!!

  16. C'ierra Williams says

    dis song is watz up …

  17. SouthOx says

    thats pretty good


    nice…i make beats and remixes…u should chek out my page sometime,….this is a sweet version,,lyrics 2 original w/ the same loop as piru love 3000

  19. IOMexiclown says

    damn dood……..thats one hell of a remake……
    much props

  20. Tumbleweed and Crickets says

    not familiar wit the original bebe but im wit ya xxxx

    hehe im following you XXX

  21. Lochlainn W. says

    Awesome remix dude.

  22. Raven Henry says

    Rip roger

  23. FastMoneyStacks69 says

    Awesome bro…good job =)

  24. KeyLowGeezie says

    show me how to make one or just make one for me

  25. KeyLowGeezie says

    how much?

  26. Mister Groove says

    I made it for him. I build and sale them!

  27. KeyLowGeezie says

    where did you get it? or you made it?

  28. Mister Groove says

    he got it from MEEEEE!!!!

    mister Groove!

  29. IceBox Sound says

    thank you!

  30. traycee lynn says

    Great Job!!!!

  31. KeyLowGeezie says

    sounds good!! where di you get that talkbox?


    love this tune

  33. IceBox Sound says


  34. Loader2K1 says

    Not the best fan version of this song, but decent enough.

  35. TalkBoxerDX says

    Dam now thats sounds really really good!

  36. Fagashlil1234 says

    that was amazing dude loved it, that is the coolest afro as well if u dont mind me being so forawd. I want to grow my hair like taht 2. Peace dude.

  37. Matthew Bullock says

    GREAT!! Loved it!!

  38. LOWKIYO1 says

    that was the shit homie.

  39. Mister Groove says

    Nice job on this remake Zayd! You did very good!

    Mister Groove

  40. Wesley Vinson says

    I like it dude ! Nice Afro sorta LOl

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