1. Sweta Mishra says

    Illustration 4 ????

  2. Riddhi Doshi says

    Great one!
    Your voice is as clear as 1x as it is in 2x, so it was very helpful plus speedy.

    It would be great if you prepare a video on the sum on cow and calf.

  3. Chirag Dua says

    Background me guard ki whistle thi, u are inspiring students to work hard.
    As u r a chartered still hardship in night, keep it up bro !!

  4. Advait Vaidya says

    just amazing man! you don't know how beneficial your videos are during this time. no need of addl notes.. crisp, concise and extremely helpful! you've helped people like me who are always sorta underconfident in FR IMMENSELY. Thank you SO much!

  5. swati madhogaria says

    I was searching for this Ind AS yesterday and today you uploaded it. It was worth watching.Thankyou so much for teaching the topic thoroughly. Your videos are saviour for me😇

  6. Kisan Agarwal says

    Commented on one of your videos about this standard two days back. Thank you for this! 🙂

  7. Karan Lakhwani says

    Ind As 41 so he took 41 minutes …. jk love ur work man


    thank you sir

  9. Ca miles says

    Kuch bhi ho… Kami Toh nikalna hai logo ko….
    Thanks you for your efforts 🤗

  10. Vaibhav Singh says

    Small topic still 41 minutes?

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