install Themes From The AppStore FREE & EASY – iOS 14 customization


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In surprising news, Apple now allows full custom icon themes to be installed on iPhone without having to use Siri shortcuts simply download an application from the App Store that offers the installation of themes you no longer need to do this manually with just a few simple clicks you can now install themes onto your iPhone. THIS IS BIG NEWS FOR IOS

Custom App Icons on Home Screen No Longer Route Through Shortcuts App in iOS 14.3 Beta 2

App in this Video:

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  1. iDeviceHelp says

    🙌 Everything New in iOS 14.3 Beta

  2. Dylan Harrisn says

    Will I be able to revert back to the original app icons if I don’t like any certain themes? 🤔

  3. Keep On Pushing says

    so this won’t work on ios 14.2? we have to wait for 14.3?

  4. MARSgamingYT says

    It’s great but still the disappointing thing is that it doesn’t theme the original icons instead creates a new set of icons and those new icons don’t have 3D Touch shortcuts.

  5. K Entleutner says

    Some do use have Siri Shortcuts. I opened one of the icons and it opened shortcuts first then opened the app

  6. d4v1d91 says

    The big sur icons still opens first on shortcuts app, any suggestion? Thanks

  7. Rigby De Winnaar says

    Thank you so much for this video I really enjoy my new apps icons keep up the good work

  8. Amir Dosa says

    So in ios 14.2 it will still go through shortcuts

  9. MC FLY says

    Finally, now add badges

  10. Ben Fazio says

    I notice badges don’t work with these icons! Will this work in 14.3?

  11. Steven Smith says

    Still redirects to Siri Shortcuts then opens app…

  12. Infinite Tech says

    Bro there has already been a way I've Ben using it without the redirect if guys want I'll post the video how to do it

  13. Sunny D says

    You mean icon packs

  14. SaadPlayz says

    Apple Finally listened to People…… yay 😀🥳🥳🥳

  15. AJAY MISHRA says

    It’s not working how to install ?

  16. SSGSS Xtrada says

    Widgy app

  17. Gino Latino says

    So, now Apple = Android. I hate this!

  18. Mark Nakamura says

    How did you get your widget to show all that info at once?

  19. Yorge Abbott says

    Are there any good websites for more icons?

  20. Vigneesh Manoharan says

    When you apply a theme the apps inside your folders are brought out or what?

  21. Umair Ansari says

    Widget name?

  22. Alva LaBeach says

    Can you help me – Siri is saying I have Facebook notifications and I don't – can you help? Thanks

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