iOS 14.1 Released – NOT What You'd Expect !


iOS 14.1 has been released. iOS 14.1 has been released without going through the beta stages. iOS 14.1 has been released just after the iPhone 12 event. iOS 14.1 has been released for all iOS 14 devices and it is expected to come pre loaded on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.


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  1. Ing. Anthony says

    Hello! Can you please tell us how to download iOS 14 public betas? 14.1 or 14.2 or whatever. Thanks

  2. Joseph Haruna says

    Simply the best hacker I have ever met he is so amazing legithack619 on IG helped bypass my iCloud activation lock successfully

  3. gloria ugande says

    I’ve had IOS 14.1 for ages

  4. Thomas Regan says

    I wonder have they fixed the many problems syncing Watch 7.0.2 and 14.0.1? Workouts missing, GPS workout map missing, different numbers for same workout in Watch, Health and Fitness.Many followed Apple 'solution' of wiping iPhone and Watch and restoring from iCloud backup with very mixed results. Many lost workouts done in IOS 13 and older, gone forever it would appear.DON'T UPDATE TO 14 if you use the iphone and watch for workouts, it's not worth bother.I'll never update the first version of Apple software again, best to wait 6 months until they get the multitude of bugs sorted out.LESSON LEARNED!!!! 😡😡😡

  5. Ana D'Apolito says

    I just got iOS 14.2 beta 3

  6. Sammy says

    I don’t see the update

  7. G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸ says

    First 😂

  8. JoeSlugg says

    I heard 14.1 was released and Roll out then was cancelled shortly afterwards

  9. Gokul says

    What orange “dot” mean at the right corner


    Hopefully they fix the battery drain issue

  11. Brandon Atkinson says

    Umm, 14.0.1 is out, has been for a while, 14.1 is not out through itunes (atleast here in Canada) or over the air. There is a apple watch update though, 7.0.2, which came out yesterday (oct 12 2020).

  12. Craig Matthews says

    No update for my 11 here in the UK

  13. Steady Hooper says

    It’s not out yet

  14. Sani Musa says

    I am not seeing it on my SE 1st gen

  15. Rajaee Shehadeh says

    This video is a waste of time… don’t watch it guys .

  16. Mike Smith says

    Nobody apparently paid attention to what this man said lol. He said that the update was only through the computer, not over the air (WiFi) so for some people, it will most likely show up if u hook ur phone up to a Mac and check the update through iTunes there. 👍🏾👍🏾

  17. Curmit McKenzie says

    Did they fix the battery?

  18. sai reddy says

    In india 🇮🇳 iphone prices are very very high

  19. Brad Hoefflin says

    don't have the update I check it on my iPhone XS Max

  20. TreyWay J says

    What new on beta 3

  21. richard whaley says

    I already have this update.

  22. Foxy _myth says

    I’m so savage because….I wasted you’re time


    There’s no update. You don’t even know yourself that apple will release that update today or not

  24. QuadRiderHonda says

    Apple removed it

  25. Marcos Pavon says

    Hello here in Argentina does not yet appear iOS 14.1

  26. FAKE LEO says

    How did you get the update not seeing it :/

  27. Vikrant Kaul says

    Fun fact : Not 17 people can be “First” 😂😂

  28. RO Ib83 says

    Hi from Syria

  29. sahilk sahilkhan says


  30. Vibez says

    Noti gang

  31. Devon Johnson says


  32. Kyle Pind says


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