iOS 14.2.1 is Out! – What's New?


iOS 14.2.1 released for iPhone 12 series devices and brings with it a number of fixes for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Also, late last night Apple released iOS 14.2 as a revised version which can only be install using iTunes or Finder on a Mac. In this video I go over all the features, updates and changes in iOS 14.2.1 using, iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS14 #iPadOS14 #iPhone #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:05 – Supported devices
00:17 – Size
00:31 – iOS 14.2 revised version
00:52 – Build number
01:14 – Modem Update
01:26 – Dual 5G sim cards
01:34 – New Features and Updates
02:52 – Security updates
03:17 – Should You Install iOS 14.2.1?
03:33 – Heat
03:48 – Battery
04:29 – Performance
04:43 – Benchmarks
05:40 – iOS 14.2.2 and iOS 14.3
06:35 – Conclusion
06:56 – Wallpaper
07:09 – Outro

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  1. Stefan Stojkovic says

    Wait, nobody even notice the widespread issue with yellow screen on the whole new 12 lineup? Forums are full of that, wich some of them over 100 pages of this problem..

  2. Sujeetharan Sridharan says

    Can you make a video about the flickering issues many people are experiencing on their iPhone 12s?

  3. Miles S says

    Mine never popped up 🙁 idk why

  4. Heywtf??? says

    I cant get spatial audio on my air pod pro

  5. Tom Judson says

    I have it on iPhone 11pro and iPad Pro

  6. hirad abedzadeh says

    I just subscribed. Great content!

  7. Chetan B says

    Not happy with this update … battery getting drained on 12 p max even when kept idle. It just dropped 4% points in 20 minutes… background refresh for all the apps is off …

  8. nemesis9410 says

    so literally nothing

  9. Eve Thornbury says

    I got it on my 11 pro max

  10. Nazz 369 says

    This update won’t let me open cashapp at all

  11. DrakenTech says

    I’ve noticed that the hissing in my AirPods Pro is gone after the update. The firmware for the AirPods hasn’t changed, but there’s no hissing when I turn off the noise cancellation. Odd that it coincided with my update to 14.2.1, but I’ll take it 😁👍

  12. christian cuevas says

    This somehow a click bait. Coz im owning an iPhone 11. Hehe!

  13. A W says

    Hi Arron
    Have problems with pip on YouTube in Safari try to swipe up to play but it just swipe away is anyone else have the problem

  14. Vaedorblor says

    My 12 Pro Max is lasting almost 2 days. I'm from New Zealand, and i don't have 5g as it's not available everywhere. It's very good.

  15. social experiments says

    Dudee this channel is very underrated

    Keep up the great work bro
    And hard work always pays off 👍🤝
    I wish you a lot of success on the future

    Thank you for taking your time to make videos for us ♥️👍🤝

  16. Elder Sanchez says

    Hello, I have an iPhone 8 and I installed iOS 14, 14.1, 14.2 and the microphone does not work with any app, only with phone calls and Siri. Could you help me?

  17. yakiebruno says

    How about the yellowish screen on iphone 12 promax

  18. Ash Richards says

    14.2 gave amazing battery on my 12 Pro Max. 14.2.1 is giving me a tiny bit of battery drain; maybe the phones needs a day or two to finish documenting the update ?

  19. Albin Boshnjaku says

    Always when i look at my iphone it turns on can someone pls pls tell me how to turn it off 🙁

  20. Don Lea says

    Has anyone noticed a lag from opening a text message and typing there is a lag? It’s like I can type a whole word and look like I’m not typing then it appears. Odd. Just wondered if anyone else noticed it.

  21. AlpineIce says

    Easily you're my favorite Apple-anything YouTube blogger. Great job and thank you.

  22. Sid H says

    Have they fixed the heating issue s

  23. Copenhagen says

    Hi everyone it’s aron from zollotech 😂😂😂😂🥴

  24. [WINR] THE WINNER says

    Since iphone 4 til 11 pro max used all iphones upgrating every year. Few days ago i bought a note 20 ultra and now i cant look back. I feel like i am in the future.

  25. Charles says

    Have you ever had a battery replaced by apple in a cell phone?

  26. Moe says

    This also fixed the back tap functionality on my iPhone 12 Pro. I had 2 tapes setup for screen capture and 3 taps for screen lock. Both would work sporadically but it's working consistently.

  27. Dan Kotia says

    My 12 Pro max was quite warm when it was charging

  28. Aimerii says

    Anyone know if this fix the screen flickering on low brightness ?

  29. BLITZ says

    this update feels fast smooth reactive and vibrant it feels like an iphone thanks for the video

  30. Sergey Af Geijerstam says

    is it availible for iphone 7?

  31. Darren P. says

    I hope Apple would release an update fixing the yellow tint issue.😩

  32. CTommyB says

    Also I can confirm it solved lockscreen touch issues on my 12 Mini

  33. CTommyB says

    AFAIK Qualcomm chip in iPhone 12 does not allow dual sim

  34. Dennis W says

    iPhone 12 bug fixes. Nothing for the rest of us. My battery life on my 6th gen iPad SUCKS again. It sucked all through iOS 13 until the last couple of versions. Now it is sucking battery again. I am wondering if my wifi issues is behind my battery life issues?

  35. ashok battula says

    Iam unable to get instagram notifications even after doing everything thats in google and apple suggestions,even iphone customer care guy said that he cant help it , i use iphone 12

  36. tihi says

    Walkie Talkie for iPhone 12 Pro is now fixed. Prior to that, when you used Walkie Talkie on your Watch there phone would act like the phone us on a call.

  37. ZB87 says

    I still don’t get the point of iphone 12 series this year? Has no significant upgrade over 11 series. Just 5G?

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