iOS 14.2.1 Released – What's New?


iOS 14.2.1 Released – What’s New? | iOS 14.2.1 Changes, Performance, Battery Life & More (Review)

Apple just released iOS 14.2.1 about 2 weeks after the release of iOS 14.2 and 2 days after iOS 14.3 Beta 2. This update is only for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max and 12 Mini.

In this video, we cover the new changes, bug fixes, performance, battery life & more!

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iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro vs Pro Max vs 12 Mini vs SE vs 11 vs XR Battery Life DRAIN TEST:
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0:00 Intro
0:23 iPhone 12 Only
0:43 Size, Build #, Modem
1:23 Text Message Fix
2:28 iPhone 12 Mini Touch Response Bug Fixed
3:36 Hearing Aid Fix
4:04 Display Issues Not Fixed?
5:11 Keyboard Lag
5:51 Performance
6:19 Battery Life
6:56 iOS 14.2.2 & iOS 14.3 Final
8:17 Why just iPhone 12?
8:42 Conclusion

Did you update your iPhone 12 to iOS 14.2.1 yet?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    Which iPhone 12 do you have? Did you have any of these issues?

  2. Owida Kiwante says

    My daughter accidentally Updated my Iphone7 to 14.2 and it's smooth asf 😀😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Jshyne Hill says

    Anyone else getting random notification sounds with no notifications ?

  4. Kailash Kumaranayakam says

    Keyboard lag still there, switching between apps and closing them have still have delayed responsiveness. That’s really it, some Apple Maps geolocation issues too but that’s all

  5. Žaidimu Karalius !!!! says

    my keyboard wasn't responding for couple minutes. IPhone X Ios 14.2

  6. steve k says

    The keyboard lag seems to be a bit better after the update but I feel like it could improve even more

  7. Thomas Flint says

    The update is not available to me says I have the latest but my version is 14.2

  8. It’s justマニー says

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but when I take out my AirPod pros they take a couple seconds to connect (iPhone 12) and with my iPhone 6s I had they connected as soon as I took them out? Also when I plug in my charger it takes a couple seconds

  9. Marcus Magalhaes says

    I haven’t got the update yet why is that?

  10. Ash Richards says

    14.2 was amazing on my 12 Pro Max. 14.2.1 gives me a tiny bit of battery drain 😕

  11. Toyota4Life says

    Fix the unresponsive keyboard

  12. Latasha Goodwin says

    The update it for the 12 to

  13. Nitin Jituri says

    When is iOS 14.2.2 going to release?

  14. gtrmusic69 says

    1:29 I have this MMS bug on my phone and I'm on XS-Max. So it's not just a iPhone 12 thing. I started getting it after I updated to iOS 14.

  15. Thành Trần says

    first time ever i was happy with my 13.7 lol

  16. John J. Flood says

    Well, using aniPhone 12 Max Pro, just updated to iOS 41.2.1. While watching your video, got a text message, no notification tone/sound.

  17. Docrxpert Alch says

    Hi Brandon- Thanks so much for your videos. I have the 12- mini and I couldn't swipe to answer my phone at all. I spoke to Apple and they said the next software release may fix it. My wife's 12 mini was fine. I just loaded the 14.2.1 and that corrected my problem.

  18. The last Joker says

    I got this update on my XR

  19. Ali Dila says

    I have an iPhone X . 14.1 was really nice but iOS 14.2 destroyed my battery . Battery health went from 88% straight to 84% after the update. Keyboard lags and I have many WiFi connectivity issues. Should I update to 14.2.1 ?

  20. natalie hutchins says

    I’m having echo w my AirPods while on my MAC! The iPhone 12 works fine. I hope this fixes this. It’s a pain 🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. Patrick Kelly says

    I wanted to ask something. I’m on iOS 14.3 beta 2. Will I also get the mms fix? I do have the iPhone 12.

  22. khalfan 7 says

    Can you give an iphone please 😔

  23. Jay Alt77 says

    I don’t have an iPhone 12….because I’m still waiting for delivery 🚚! 😒

  24. Freevie2009 - Nigel says

    I don’t have it

  25. WhiteStripesFann says

    Guess I should stay on 12.4.1 then

  26. .Axel_YT. says

    omg iOS 14.2.1 came out!!!
    Realise it’s for iPhone 12 only

  27. Russell Neils says

    Did this update fix the unresponsiveness in all the 12 models. I’ve been experiencing it on my iPhone 12 pro

  28. Wanderlust says

    Screen time doesn't block Chrome that's been my biggest issue with the new iOS and Big Sur updates 🙁

  29. Marco Di Mario says

    Hello. Not strictly related to this 14.2.1 update. But…I'm experiencing a serious ISSUE with the autofocus system with close objects on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
    I've read here and there that many users are getting the same problem. There's something broken on the autofocus system or with the LIDAR when trying to focus close objects, 5-6 cm.
    And also the minimum focusing distance of the main camera in not so short. It's about 8-9 cm. Definitely not sufficient for close shots.
    And using manual focus mode on other apps, like Halide for example, doesn't fix the problem!
    This is a very bad issue. Something that Apple could address very soon!

  30. Binuk Vidana says

    Yo i can’t see the update

  31. LARRY says

    I got this update on my iPhone 11

  32. Google User says

    Hi Brandon,my new iphone 12 pro drains battery as if I m using a 5 year old iphone,will this rapid battery drain issue be fixed via software updates or should I consider selling it to get the most of my money back and try iphone 13 next year?
    Plz help…Waiting for reply sir

  33. Lennart says

    My iPhone 12 randomly crashed, speakers made a weird sound and some pixels turned purple. Rebooted then and now it’s normal

  34. Resty says

    @Brandom Butch you showed everyone your Wi-Fi numbers.

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